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10 Oct 2010


My host, Carlos is busy as work, I sent a contact other couch surfer David(40:English) who sent a message first about host me from last minute group.(I declined it as he was second though.)
So he show me around city.

I head to center.

This is a walk way, cool*

I got at Rossio place.

I met David here and shaked hand with smile.
He show me around though,, I had no idea where I can go, so just we hunged around.

Praca do Comercio

Not good weather~...

David said he cook for lunch in his house, so
we rode on a tram to go to David's house.

Actually, he was second person who sent me a message when I posted last minute couch on group though, I surprised his house was so small...and artistic..
I wondered where is a place to couch surfer..?

But anyway, David is good person.

David cooked this for me.
Thank you :)

We went out and walking around narrow road.

There are many steep road.

Lisbon town.

David took me a bar we can listen Fado.
It was sounds sad songs.

I said thank you to David and went back to Carlos's house.

Carlos cooked dinner~***
Obrigado, Carlos!!

But I hunged around with David though, we didn't go touristic place...
When I talked about today's story to Carols, Carlos suggested me other place, so I hung around other area by myaself!

I was soooo tired today, go to bed quickly..
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09 Oct 2010

To Lisbon

I woke up at 7:20am, then prepared baggage and went out from home.
I walked to metro station and rode on metro at 8am safely.

Whoa~, today I have enought time to a bus station~.

The deperture time of the bus to Lisbon is 9:30am.

I have enough time to change station, so just sleep a while...zzz..

On the way, I awoke.

Unn,,, where is this station..?


huh?? ah...

I'm riding a metro opposite direction~~~!!! (>_<)

I rode off quickly without any thinking, I run to opposite platform quickly!

Why I took wrong way~~!!

But I shold be fine...?

I check a bording time of a bus.

The deperture time is 9:30.
Yeah, it'll be fine..

Just I granced a word bottom of a ticket.

"Boarding is closed 30 min before departure time"

...What? I read it twice.

"Boarding is closed 30 min before departure time"

NO WAY!!!!

How can that be~~~!(>_<)
What a Spain!!!
Boarding is closed 30 min before departure time!?
I will teke a bus, not a plane!!!

Oh,,, can I ride on a bus..!?
Yeah, if a metro run quickly and I can change a next metro, it shold be fine..!?

Come on~~! Come on my station~~!!(Cry)

I arrived at changing station.

I run on a escaleter to next platform!

The sounds like next train is coming..!!

I run down steps quickly!!

"GOOO~~~"(sound of closing a door and passed away)

NOOOOOO!!! WAIT~~~!!!!(Cry)

But next train will be come soon.

I see a board of time information.

Next train is coming in 6 min.


I was in same situation in Paris as well though, why I am always like this~~~, cry cry.

But the driver of bus might have not eaton a breakfast yet, so the bus will be stopping for him... haha..(In Paris, the bus was stopped for the driver's lunch, actually.)

Next train came in 4 min, somehow, I rode on it.

When I arrived the station and run faster as I can!!

Finally, I could get a bus terminal...!!

The bording time is already passed but can I ride..?

It was..

No problem.

Hey man! Don't write down such a scary word on a ticket~~!(>_<)
This is bus not plane.... certainly..

Whoa~~, what was a time I run and run faster.

Anyway, I'm fine to ride on a bus :D

The bus stopped several times and arrived at Lisbon in 9 hours, 5:30pm~.

Carlos(35:Portuguese) who saved me last minute from a group, came to station to pick me up by car kindly, then we went to his house.

It was not good weather today, we had a conversation a while, then I did Thai massage for him.

Carlos went out to his friend's birthday party, so just I'm looking for next couch host in house.
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08 Oct 2010

Too spicy

I woke up at 8:30am though, come to think of it, it's 6:30am in Morocco.
So sleepy, sooooo sleepy...

But today is a last day in Madrid, so I have to wake up..
At firsty I went to bus terminal to buy a ticket, then I go to Prad museum.

Museo Nacional Del Prado

Student 4Euro
Under 18 Free
18~20 free

I couldn't take a picture here.
But Victor said it's like a Rubre museum in Paris, so I wonder I can see everthing here, but it was just 2:30hr for everything to see.

Just 2:30hr compare with british one and Rubre one.

But anyway, I was soooo sleepy!
I wanted to go back but today is last day so I hung around more.


I head to Parque del Retiro.

Palacio de Cristal

Palacio de Velazquez

There was a free museum inside here, when I went inside, they gave me a free ticket to Sofia museum.

I go back home as sooo sleepy.

In home, new couch surfer, Cris(32) came to house.
And I gave my free Sofia museum ticket to her.

Victer wanted to make real sushi though,,,, we try it!

Yeah~, I did :D

I made a rice boll, Victer cut a fish, American girl Chris add wasabi though,,,
she added wasabi like a butter..
That was sooooooooooooo spicy when we ate it..!!!

I felt soo spicy to death, I couldn't take a bress,,, and vomited the sushi...

Rice and fish were Ok~~~!! Just too much wasabi...
But we took it off by knife, so rest of them, it was OK.

After dinner , I did Thai massage for Victer, Madrid was finished.

I go to bed quickly..
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07 Oct 2010

Good bye Morocco

Last night, Anass made a new song for me, Walid told me about technic of design, so we went to bed at 4am.

Walid woke up early and went to work, I woke up slowly, Anass was sleeping until afternoon.

When I used Internet in home,

Sister of Anass served lunch for me :D
Thank you very much***

Boiled poteto and egg, yummy~*

Walid came back to home to take me to station from work, we went to station by putit taxi, 10Dh(1Euro)

Gare de casa Voyageurs

Station to airport 40Dh(4Euro)

From Rabat to Casablanca was 35Dh, so it's more expensive just for 30min distance.

I said thank you and shake hand with Walid, he was really kind person.
I passed my small coins and SIM card as taxi fee for return.

It was just 1 night though, I met a lot of friendly local friend, I really enjoyed Casablanca~ :D
I didn't plan to come to Morocco as I didn't have any gude book and map and information though, it was good for me to come here!!! (^0^)

I rode on a train to airport.
Expensive fee but not new train...

I arrived at airport, I board a plane to Madrid, dep. 16:40.
Casablanca~Madrid 35.34Euro by easyJet.

The plane got delay take-off, so I arrived at Madrid airport at 9pm.
I went to Victor's house that I stayed last time in Madrid.

Victor made me beef steak***

I was looking for next couch host and updating blog though, I fainted away as sleepy.
I completely fainted away at 2:30am though, come to think of it, there is 2hrs time lag with Morocco, so it means I was awaking until 4:30pm..
It's no dought I fainted away..
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06 Oct 2010

To Casablanca

Chemao came to pick me up 10am and he gave me his artwork for me.


Maybe this picture must be 500Euro.

Then he took me to Rabat Agdul station and said good bye.

I enjoyed Rabat too~! It was good to meet Chemao~:D
Thank you Chemao!

Rabat~Casablanca 35Dh(3.50Euro)

I rode on a train at 11:05am, in 1hr I arrived at Casablanca~.

Gare de Casa Port

I waited Walid(24:Moroccan) who sent me a message by couch surfing for 1hr, then we met and he tald his house is a bit far from city so I can stay his friend's house.

Then he took me to Anass(23:Musician)'s house.

I joined his family's lunch together :D

I asked about "Mahmoud Megri" I met yesterday to everyone, everyone knew him, so he is really famous person.

But it seems Anass also famous person as band the name is Gnawa Click, so he is known by young people in Casablanca.

Wow, I've met famous persons.

He asked me about musician friend of mine, I introduced Experimental Crossbreed, my favorite song "Storma".

Walid went back his office once, I and Anass go to Medina(old city) to drink a coffee.

Walking through on old city.

We spent a time at cafe near port, then a lot of friend of him came to cafe too.
In cafe, just me was a woman.
But everyone are soooo nice person.

Walid came cafe after work and took me to Mosque with Mahadi.

I follow them~*

I took a picture of inside mosque, beautiful.

Outside of Mosque also very beautiful~***

We went back to cafe and we boutht a sandwitch as 8Dh(0.90Euro)

This is it.

Then Walid, Mahadi, Anass and the other guy show me around.


French church

There was an exbision inside church.

We took a rest at a park though, Anass sang a song many times with good voice, it was very cool.

We went back to home and Anass made a new song for me, I am really impressed XD

Be famous and come to Japan someday!
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