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08 Jul 2010

To Citta del Vaticano

Well I'm gonna go Citta del Vaticano today.

At first I went to Tabaccaio to buy transport's ticket, 1 Euro.

When I ride in Tram, I get the time print by machine.
Right one is time machine, left one is ticket vending machin.
(I could buy the ticket by this though, a bus don't have the machine.)

This is the one time ticket for 75min.
This thicket for Tram, bus and metro, and we can ride by ride to the other transport in 75 min., very useful!

But there is no check who has a ticket, so almost people may not have a ticket...

I rode tram and then bus No.40 from Termini st., I arrived at Vaticano.

Thre is some wall, not for Vaticano, I don't know.

Walk, walk, walk, following the map...

Basilica di San Pietro

This is the Basilica di San Pietro~.

Around the San Pietro, with cool statues.

There is a check of baggage before enter, and then I went inside.

Pieta by Michelangelo.

These are inside of San Pietro, I walked around taking a rest sometimes, it took me long time.

After hunging around inside about 1, I went to outside,
They are army from Swis.

I wanted to go inside though, they didn't let me inside.
I saw many tourist walk from inside, so I had no idea how to go inside.
(Maybe that is a section for paying.)

Well then, let's go to Vaticano museum!
To museum, I walk to around the wall though, the time was strict...

I fond the entrance gate but it's like a wall~~~!!
(This is very difficult to find the gate even if in dragon quest world.)

Vaticano museum is open until 6pm, enter until 4pm.
I arrived there 4:10...
What a strict...

Now I came to San Pietro place, I go to ice cream shop that Andrea took me yesterday*

Melon, strawberry, zupa ingreze and cream 1.5 Euro.

Walk with eating ice cream.

Castel Sant' Angelo

My guide book said the admission fee 5 Euro though, that was 8.5 Euro, expensive!

Ummm, let's just see the out seeing.(Didn't go inside.)

Pal. di Giustizia

Mausoleo di Augusto

I couldn't go closer because of construction

I walked up on Spanish stairs,

walked through on cross road there is 4 fountain,

I came to Piazza del Quirinale.

president's place.

And then just I walked to north on Nazionale st., I went to inside of some shop to see some stuffs.
Now it seems sale season, so a lot of shops saying 30~50% off.

Around 8pm, I went back to Andrea's home, I made dinner with Lusy and Loi who came to Andrea's home in this morning as couch surfer.

Andrea also came back to home, then 2 friends of Andrea also came to home, we took the dinner together with 6 people.

I made Okonomiyaki as Japanese dish though, everybody said this is good, so I was glad to hear that*

I made Okonomiyaki many times in New Zealand as well, Okonomiyaki is yummy and easy to cook, so good Japanese dish for forign friends :D

The dinner was finished about 12am, midnight.
I like couch surfing*
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I'd be so happy when you buy something on Amazon from here :D

I appreciate your donation for ice cream :D

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