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11 Oct 2010

Oh, Losbon..

To be honest, I didn't make plan to visit Portugal first.
But some friends said Portugal was good, so I decided to come here...though...

Well, I wanna go to Barcelona tonight by night bus, so I go to bus terminal first.

Walk, walk, walk.

I was walking with seeing map, suddenly a man tryed to talk with me with some language.
At first I ignored him though, just I said "I go to Sete Rios", after that he said like this.

"I go to Sete Rios with you, and take lunch together"

and followed me.

What a strange man..!?!?

Anyway, I head to Sete Rios though, he follow me.
What is he doing here as today is Monday...
He had sunglasses, so I couldn't know his face clearly though, he said his age is 25 and student.

I see...but it seems older though...
Well I have no idea about foreigner's age though..

Eventually, he followed me until bus terminal(Sete Rios).

Well, I buy a bus ticket to Barcelona but,,,, there is no bus to Barcelona!?!?
From Lisbon, there is a bus just to Madrid, so I have to change the bus thre.


Moreover, I can't buy a ticket from Madrid to Barcelona here, so just I bought a ticket to Madrid by 36Euro now...
I will see later...in Madrid...

Then I thought I go to museum though, the strange man still follow me, if he want follow me, I don't mind..

But the museum was closed as Monday, No~~~~(Cry).
That's the story, I should have visited a museum yesterday~~~(>_<)

Stranger man take lunch, so we went Portugese restaurant together,

we ate these.

The man had a white hair a bit in his hair, so I didn't think he is 25years old, so I asked him real age, finally he said he is 43 years old.

He was so strange and weird but it seems he is interested in Japan, so I thought he is not so bad man???

But he said bad word a bit, he made me bad feeling and I thought go away somewhere though, he said sorry, so I still forgive him to follow me.

Well,,, I had no idea what he want to do.

Anyway, he wanted to pay the lunch, so he paid it.

Today I really wanted to go sight seeing, so I head to the place Carlos recommend.

Still the strange man follow me.
He said his job is old book seller though, he is soooo strange and yucky.

We rode on a metro and off at Chiado, I wanna hung around there but he annoy me to take a picture of me (by my camera.)
And also his suggestion of taking spot is not tourist sight but just in front of H&M.
I really really don't need such a pictures, so I decline it.

I wanted to hung around a arere Carlos suggested but the man try to take me other side David took me yeasterday.

"I wanna go to see Church! one of the tourist spot!"
"No, you can't go there, it's religeous spot"

I can't understand him at all.

What he want to do!?!?

I thought he show me around, it's Ok, I didn't mind if he follow me.
But he was selfish and strange and annoy and yucky, so I walked faster and went away.

Whoa~~,,, it was soooo strange....even in Lisbon there is such a starange man...?

Well.. then.. this is a church


......well,,,,, I came to Lisbon but it was no fun here....
Tell me the good spot of Lisbon for me~~!!
There were many strange people around me..

Just one good thing was Carlos, he was nice person.

Then I went back to Carlos's house, I said good buy and thank you, then I picked my baggage and go to bus terminal.

To Madrid 36Euro

I wish I can get the bus to Barcelona quickly in Madrid....

The bus was night bus, long distance but the toilet was broken...No way~~..(Cry)
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10 Oct 2010


My host, Carlos is busy as work, I sent a contact other couch surfer David(40:English) who sent a message first about host me from last minute group.(I declined it as he was second though.)
So he show me around city.

I head to center.

This is a walk way, cool*

I got at Rossio place.

I met David here and shaked hand with smile.
He show me around though,, I had no idea where I can go, so just we hunged around.

Praca do Comercio

Not good weather~...

David said he cook for lunch in his house, so
we rode on a tram to go to David's house.

Actually, he was second person who sent me a message when I posted last minute couch on group though, I surprised his house was so small...and artistic..
I wondered where is a place to couch surfer..?

But anyway, David is good person.

David cooked this for me.
Thank you :)

We went out and walking around narrow road.

There are many steep road.

Lisbon town.

David took me a bar we can listen Fado.
It was sounds sad songs.

I said thank you to David and went back to Carlos's house.

Carlos cooked dinner~***
Obrigado, Carlos!!

But I hunged around with David though, we didn't go touristic place...
When I talked about today's story to Carols, Carlos suggested me other place, so I hung around other area by myaself!

I was soooo tired today, go to bed quickly..
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09 Oct 2010

To Lisbon

I woke up at 7:20am, then prepared baggage and went out from home.
I walked to metro station and rode on metro at 8am safely.

Whoa~, today I have enought time to a bus station~.

The deperture time of the bus to Lisbon is 9:30am.

I have enough time to change station, so just sleep a while...zzz..

On the way, I awoke.

Unn,,, where is this station..?


huh?? ah...

I'm riding a metro opposite direction~~~!!! (>_<)

I rode off quickly without any thinking, I run to opposite platform quickly!

Why I took wrong way~~!!

But I shold be fine...?

I check a bording time of a bus.

The deperture time is 9:30.
Yeah, it'll be fine..

Just I granced a word bottom of a ticket.

"Boarding is closed 30 min before departure time"

...What? I read it twice.

"Boarding is closed 30 min before departure time"

NO WAY!!!!

How can that be~~~!(>_<)
What a Spain!!!
Boarding is closed 30 min before departure time!?
I will teke a bus, not a plane!!!

Oh,,, can I ride on a bus..!?
Yeah, if a metro run quickly and I can change a next metro, it shold be fine..!?

Come on~~! Come on my station~~!!(Cry)

I arrived at changing station.

I run on a escaleter to next platform!

The sounds like next train is coming..!!

I run down steps quickly!!

"GOOO~~~"(sound of closing a door and passed away)

NOOOOOO!!! WAIT~~~!!!!(Cry)

But next train will be come soon.

I see a board of time information.

Next train is coming in 6 min.


I was in same situation in Paris as well though, why I am always like this~~~, cry cry.

But the driver of bus might have not eaton a breakfast yet, so the bus will be stopping for him... haha..(In Paris, the bus was stopped for the driver's lunch, actually.)

Next train came in 4 min, somehow, I rode on it.

When I arrived the station and run faster as I can!!

Finally, I could get a bus terminal...!!

The bording time is already passed but can I ride..?

It was..

No problem.

Hey man! Don't write down such a scary word on a ticket~~!(>_<)
This is bus not plane.... certainly..

Whoa~~, what was a time I run and run faster.

Anyway, I'm fine to ride on a bus :D

The bus stopped several times and arrived at Lisbon in 9 hours, 5:30pm~.

Carlos(35:Portuguese) who saved me last minute from a group, came to station to pick me up by car kindly, then we went to his house.

It was not good weather today, we had a conversation a while, then I did Thai massage for him.

Carlos went out to his friend's birthday party, so just I'm looking for next couch host in house.
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