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26 Sep 2010

Long distance bus

Today is Sunday.
Hideki tooke me to the Morning market near his house.

There are fresh vegetables and cheese, it's interesting to see :D

He bought something, then we went back to home.
Hideki made a branch for me.

What a great!!!
Awesome, aweson!!!!
I'm really impressed!!!!

I ate this great dishes slowly, then I used internet for looking next couch host, it took me long time, when I checked the time it was already 1:30pm!!

I prepared my baggage quickly, Hideki came to metro station to say good bye with me.
Thank you for everything Hideki!!

Then I rode on a metro and changed 1 time though, the next train didn't come quickly, I had to wait 5min.

No~!! Please come..!!

But there was no way, just I wait.

Then I rode on the next metro, and when I arrived at the destination, I run run run to Eurolines office!

I checked in quickly, then I could ride on a bus 2min before the departure time...


Paris to Madrid 68Euro

Well then, the bus go to Madrid!!

...but bus don't move..?

I had no idea but when I asked the situation to bus driver(Spanish), he said "I didn't eat lunch, so I went to eat it. that's why."


Is that a reason the bus didn't start in 1 hour!?!?

What a Spanish....

So the bus was started driving normaly,,,

but the bus stopped on somewhere 40min. because of the dinner time for driver.


Passanger had to go out together in cold night, we had to stay there 40min. for driver's dinner time.

Then the bus started driving, I was sleeping but suddenly the police came inside, there was passport control.

France and Spain are shengen area, so I think they don't need passport check thoug..?

Like this today, the long distance bus (18hours), it was not easy way...
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25 Sep 2010


Well, I go to Versailles today!

It was just 3.05Euro from Paris city to Versailles in 40min.
Good price :D

I could go inside Versailles in 1 hr as the line was so long to buy a ticket.
The entering fee was 15Euro!!! Expensive!!!


The audio guide macine is including a ticket.

Starting from here.

When I entered upstairs, I found something strange...

What's this...?
Tongari-kun by Takashi Murakami??

I didn't know anything though, there is his exhibision in Versailles.
But it seems not cool...

I don't like that...
I wanna see the normal Versailles...

Anyway, his object standed in every room, but I didn't like that.
I prefer other Japanese manga-artist who drawed the story about Versailles.

I walked around inside, with try not see his object.

Gorgeous sleepng room!

I coulcn't satisfy just once to see, so I went inside Versailles again.

After that, I wanted to go the park though, the entrance fee is 8Euro!?!?
Too expensive..!!

But there is no time to come here again, so let's go inside...
But luckly, I could go inside for free from 5:30! :D

Huuuuuge garden.
But I feel chilly as not good weather.

I bought red wine and opener for Hideki.

When I went back home, Hideki already prepared the dinner,
the dinner was started from pampukin soup,

then this is main dish.
with yummy French bread, red wine and cheese*

I like French style dinner! I wasreally impressed!
Very cool, beautiful.

Thank you very much Hideki!!! :D
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24 Sep 2010

Musee du Louvre

I go to Louvre museum today as the weather not so nice.

The pyramid is gate, the building on the back is Louvre.

Louvre museum

A lot of people in line, but I could go inside in 20min.
I bought a ticket by vending machine, 9.50Euro.

The museum is very very very big, so I walk around with map, then I found...

What's this----!?!?!?(lol)
What was happend to him!?

How come...?(lol)

Looks sad..

Like a super heros!?

These objects are made by Roman I guess...

Do you need this face..?


La Victoire de Samothrace

Super cooooool!!!

Mona Lisa, La Joconde

...but in front of her,

there are a lot of people.

La Venus de Milo

Whoa~, I'm tired~.

But the under wear they are wearing is strange...(lol)


I'm tired but I still walk~! Go for it~!

Mystery plant from human's head.

Gorgeous living room by Napoleon 3rd.

Clothes box?

The owner of this, he was enjoying touching the breast every time..?

No~~! I don't wanna food on such a dish~!!

Anciant people ate soup or something on this dish...?

This is the oldest Matryoshika(I don't know the spell.) doll in the world.

Like this day, I didn't take any lunch or break, just walked around 8 hours, then finally finished to see everything~!!

Yeaaah~! I'm now as tired so much~!

I could see everything because the Friday is open until so long.
Or I couldn't see everything..!

I went back home and Hideki prepared the dinner*


Thank you very much, Hideki!!

We had good conversation with yummy cheese and wine, the dinner time was finished at 1:30am, midnight.

I can't write blog as I drunk.
I don't overwork myself, just I went to bed quickly.
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23 Sep 2010


When I joined the Mont St-Michel yesterday, the guide said "There is strike tomorrow in Paris, almost of all transport doesn't work well, and it may be closed in Museum or Palace".

Today's weather is not so great, I haven't made plan next, I also haven't wrriten blog before 2 days, so I decided staying in home today.

...come to think of it, how I could write blog every day??
I hunged around a lot every day, I walk 10~15km every day, I could find couch host every time, I surched a transport to next place, I also write Japanese blog at the same time, even I didn't sleep sometimes..!?

I can't believe it by myself though, I could manage somehow so far.

Well, the truth, I write just a short blog when I was so tired though.

I wish I will be able to manage somehow in the future too..!!

Like this, I wrote blog for 2 days in Japanese and English, I made a plan to next place, I surched a transport, sent some couch request and could get next couch already fortunately :D

...I did it by whole days today, so how did I do every time in such a limited time..?

Wow, it's a mystery*

But this is a fist time I didn't go out anywhere.

When I checked e-mail, I got a message from Hideki went to work.

"I can't go back home tonight as strike. I call you tomorrow"

Oh,,, Hideki...
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22 Sep 2010

Mont St-Michel

I woke up at past 5am, took shower and ate orange juice and yogurt, then I went out at 6am from home.

I rode on a metro and arrived at a meeting point at 6:30am.

I applied the tour to Mont St-Michel for 130Euro in Japanese office.

It was cheaper than the English tour, besides we can visit a small village and including great lunch.
So it's more reasonable than I go there by myself :)

But to my surprise, there were 80 Japanese people at the same time!!
So the bus was 2 car, a lot of Japanese tourist are visiting Paris..!!

This is the bus just for Japanese.

The bus drove on a high way, and stopped at a station for toilet in 2hr.
Then in 10min. the bus arrived at "Beaumont En Auge", a small village.

The population are around 500 people, very quiet and cute village :D
We stayed here 40min. for hunging around.

Then bus drive on a high way again around 1hr, there are still 20~30km to Mont St-Michel though,

Mont St-Michel came up on a window already~~!!

I am already impressed*

The bus stopped at a restaurant for lunch.

I took a table with couple from Okayama and Sato(30) from Tokyo.
Then the lunch was coming~*

Apple cider and salad :D

Famous omelette in Mont St-Michel :D

Bread and French fry :D

Apple pai with ice cream :D


This tour including lunch is just for summer, so lucky-*

It's 15min. for taking a picture at the point we can see Mont St-Michel.

Then we rode on a bus in 10min...

Finally we got here!!
Mont St-Michel, one of the world heritage.

It was muddy river around the Mont St-Michel.
There are also tour for walking on the muddy ground, sounds interesting :D

The guide gave us a ticket and a reference paper, then we have free time by ourself~!

To the gate of Mont St-Michel, the guide gave us short cut street, we walk up this narrow steps, so fun*


Yeah~, this is Mont St-Michel***

We enjoyed Mont St-Michel very much, then the bus went back to Paris at 9pm.

Well, the night was started!

I and Sato head to Tower Eiffel together.

The Tower Eiffel was black in a day time but in the night,,,

What a beautiful!!!!!!

And also with full moon...such a awesome beautiful....

Then the light were sparkling at 10 o'clock.

Awesome...awesome Paris...

After the light sparkling show in 5min., we go to Tower Eiffel.

From under of Tower Eiffel.

Wow, this is cool.

We wanted to go up to the top but the deadline time was 10pm..
So we just bought a ticket to second floor.

Adult 8Euro
Under24yo 6.5Euro

Night view from second floor.
It was not so bright than I expected...

When we went back to the ground, it was 11 o'clock too, so we could see the sparkling show again.

We are lucky to see the show twice :D

I was glad to come here with him.
Thank you Sato!

I said thank you and good bye, then I went back to home.

I was tired very much today too, so I couldn't write blog tonight too...
It was first time I didn't write blog in 2 days..!
Very busy in Paris.
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