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19 Sep 2010

Hung around in London

Today is the last day I stay in London.
So I walk thorough new way.

London eye

Tate Modern

There are a lot of Modern museum but very difficult to understand.

If I had it in my home,,, maybe I will be in trouble..
what is art!?

After museum, I could get the clotted cream!!

I also bought scoon and tea, I made afternoon tea by myself*
In British museum, that was 18.50pound, but These supermarket food was just 5pound :D

This is the clotted cream.

London brodge is just normal bridge,

Cool Tower Bridge.

St. Paul's Cathedral

Well, I went the British libraly though, it's untill 5pm on Sunday, it was already 5 past 5pm, just I said to stuff, please let me use just for toilet!! then I could go inside just 1 min.
But I couldn't use toilet as already was closed the key.

I wanted to see inside~.

I hunged around a china town.

Then I went back to home, and went to pub to eat beef stake.

Prime Lancashire Rid-Eye of Beef 11.95pound.
And Dutch beer 3.45pound.

The beef was gooood~*

But it was too much for me, I couldn't eat everything...

Then I went back to home and checked e-mail though, still don't have any host next~!
Many times it's happened, because I always make last minute couch request as I don't make plan so much.
Just I decided to go to Paris last midnight.
I also bought a ticket to Morocco from Madrid.

So I posted the emergency message on group, but if I couldn't find any host, I always thinking about staying some hostel.
But I could get a couch in 2hr after posted.

Ah, Awesome couch surfing..!
And also I'm aweson too...
Now alrady 4am, I should go to bed soon...sooo sleepy...
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18 Sep 2010

Museums in London

Well, I ride on double decker to go to center today!
When I use oyster card, the bus fee is just 1.20pound.
I should have rode on a bus yesterday as well~.

I go to The British Museum today too.
I wanna see rest of half.

I head to Japanese room first!

Cute Haniwa doll on a gate*

Ohhhh, what a cool Japanese as I know...!

I have never seen real Haniwa even in Japan though,


Inro, this is also first time to see it by my eyes!!

I saw around and I found Dogu too though, there is something beside of Dogu...

What's this! Manga of Dogu!?!?
I have no idea of this Manga...

But when I read this explanation, it was really funny!!
I wanna read it when I go back to Japan!!! LOL!

After Japanese room, I hunged around though, when I went to money room,

Zoro rupee of Indian money!?!?

Stone ages money!?!?

By the way, I have been a lot of museum in Europe already though, some objects reminds me some objects I saw before in somewhere aleady.

so sometimes I saw funny objects,,

These funny objects are almost made by Roman or Italian.
I can't imagine what they are thinking about.(LOL)

Like this, I hunged around more quick than yeasterday,,, but it took me 3hrs today too.
If you wanna see everything in The British Museum, it takes you 5~6 hrs altogether..
How many objects English people took from the world...

Next I went to National portrait garelly and National Garelly by fast walking.
But it took me 2hr altogether.

Well, I wanna eat Crotted cream that my friend told me!
I looked for it but I couldn't find to eat.
Museum cafe had afternoon tea but the price was 18.50pound!?!?
I can't eat it.

When I asked it in other cafe stuff on the street, he said "yes I have." but they didn't have it!!
Just he didn't know about crotted cream, it's just local people know.

I ordered tea already, so I order cake even it's expensive.

Stroberry tarto.

So I enjoyed afternoon tea....guess how much...,
Just tea pod and cake, it was what a 10pound!
Too expensive London.

Well, I go sight seeing.

what was happend? Demo?

The peple has a sign with the word "NOPE POPE".
Yeah, the pope is visiting London now.
But it's none of my business, just I walk through.

Big Ben

Houses of Parliament

What a cooooool!!!

Westminster Abbey

What a cooooool!!!

well next I go to Buckingham Palace....why so many people here...?

Just now the pope car went out in front of me.
Am I lucky? or not so??

I walk around St. James's park.

This is Backingham place~!

Good to see...

This is real, a lot of people and helicopter in the sky too.

Well,,, I just wanna do sightseeing...

Eros statue.

It's turning to dark, so I go back to home.

Fis and chips fo dinner 6Pounds.
Very big!!!!

I rode on a double decker again, I did Thai massage for Victor came back from work, then I slept.

wanted to sleep but I made couch reqest and blog, already 5am...

(too sleepy, my English may be wrong a lot...)
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17 Sep 2010

The British Museum

I took a rest in morning, I went out with Victor going to work.

I heard from home to Oxford st. in 25 min. by foot, so I walk.




Not so close than I expected..
It took me 40min.

When I reached at Oxford st. I head to The British Museum.

There are double decker, a lot of people in Oxford St.
I guessed there are white people but various people, so it's like a New York. (Even though I have never been to NY.)
They are fashionable also.

Then I walked about 30min, fainally I arrived at the museum~~!

The British Museum

Well, I got a map, so where should I head to first?

I found Japanese man and woman wearing kimono, I asked them what they are doing.
They said there are Japanese tea ceremony with free matcha tea and sweets, I join it!

I took yummy tea and sweets, but there are slide show inside, so I went there too though, I had to wait more 30min.
The show was 1hr by the tea master who came from Kyoto.
Eventually, it took 1 and half hr. altogether.

It was already 3:30pm, even I didn't see anything.

Well, I hung around museum~!!

Rosetta ston

Ramses second

2 heads snake object

cat and fish mummy!?

Here is very big, I hung aruound with map and checked it though, some rooms already was closed, so I couldn't see a Japanese room~!

It took me 2 and half hrs, but just I could see half.
I try tomorrow too!

I bought a handmade sandwitch for dinner, 3pound, then I went to spermarket to buy something.

I decided to go back home by foot as well thouogh, it was far too, it seems 5~6km to Victor's house from center.

Actually, I am walking around 10~15km everyday though, the distance is too far here.
My feet was tired by walking~.
I use public transport from tomorrow.

This is today's dinner*

I felt asleep without writing blog.
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16 Sep 2010

To London

Very sleepy~~. but I woke up at 9am before Ruben go to work, I said thank you and good bye.
Then I slept again 1hr, then woke up.
I took shower and breakfast, then I went out to north station by walk.

I arrived at Euroline's office and checked-in.
From Brussel to London 36Euro

Bus was full passenger, but there is toilet, so I don't need worry about it :)
Bus started at 1pm, then the bus arrived at the border at 5pm.

Baggage check in France side, then passport control in England side.

But in England side, the stuff asked me a lot of question.
How many days I stay,
Where will I stay,
Is it English or Japanese friend's house,
What is my occupation,
How much income,
What is the purpose of visit,
How much money I have,
Show money,
Where did I stay so far,
How will I leave out from UK,
Where will I go after UK,
How much is my budget altogether,
When I do go back to Japan,,,

What a lot for 1 person!

But maybe this stuff just likes tourist's story.
Before me, he asked about the person's girl friend...LOL.

Then the bus rode on a ferry.

The bus arrived at London at 8pm, 1hr delay.
...I thought but in London time is 1hr earlier, so the bus didn't get delay!!

So from Brussel to London was 7hrs by bus.
(Incidentally, when I checked the train fee yesterday, it was 200Euro...expensive..!)

At first, I bought a oyster card. (why oyster??)
Deposit 3pound, money charge 7pound.

It's much cherper than normal ticket.

Then I took metro to Victor(44)'s house who accepted me as couch surfer.

He prepared me a Portuguese soup, thank you!!

By the way, his house is one of the best house so far..!

I asked about criteria of accept couch surfer though,,,to be surprised, he just accept a people every 6 request..!
It means just random, no reason accept just every 6, just be declined other 5 requests.
What a criteria!!

He already have hosted around 80 people but no trouble yet.

Ummm,,,, what a lucky I am...(You know.), to tell the truth, I sent just 1 request in London though..

I did Thai massage for him with thank :D
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I'd be so happy when you buy something on Amazon from here :D

I appreciate your donation for ice cream :D

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