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04 Sep 2010

I'm full :D

Bor's girlfriend Julia stayed Bor's house last night, so we ate breakfast together :)
Ummm~, thank you!

I did Thai massage to Julia after breakfast, then we went to Julia's home.

I didn't expect but her parents made lunch for us, that's awesome!

Organic salada.

Main dish

Home made pai.

Home made ice cream and coffee

Ummm~, yummy***

Her father is artist and had a gallery,
he gave me one picture!!

After her home, we got back to home, then I go out by myself...?
It's started rain...

I borrowed ambrella from Bor, I took a bus to city center.

It getting soooo cold from Zagreb, so I have to buy some winter clothes....but today is Saturday, so almost shop is closed~!!

So just I do sightseeing under not good weather.

Franciscan Church

Triple Bridge

Preseren Square

Intersting statues on new brige.

I found a lot of Locks side of bridge.
It seems making a wish with boy friend and girl friend?

I went back home.
At night Bor and me took some walking,

Lited up Church on the way back.

I did Thai massage to Bor, today was finished~.
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03 Sep 2010

Postojna Caves

I go to Cave that my Japanese friend recommended.

I bought a round ticket to Postojna from Ljubljana.

But weekend is cheaper price, 30% discount, so if you go there, I recommend in weekend.

I arrived at Postojna in 1hr.

There is a free shuttle from station to cave though, no bus at that time, so I walked there by foot.

I found a tourist information center, I could buy the ticket in 5% discount price!

student 16Euro (discount price 15.20Euro)
adult 20Euro (discount price 19Euro)

I arrived at cave in 30 min.

I could get the tour from 2pm!

The small train I rode, running to 2km.
-8degree, so cold.
If you don't have good cloth, you can rent it in 3Euro.

This cave is biggest cave in Europe, very big, huge and good to see!

After train, we walked on cave following a English guide.

But we can't take a picture,
just we can take a picture at last part, called orchestra.

But it seems we can take a picture on train.
So we rode on train again, then I took a few picture.

Like this.

I could get a free shuttle to station.

I rode on a train to Ljubljana though, it was express I didn't know, I had to extra 1.60Euro.
It was cheap but I prefer local train that was more comfortable.

I came back to Bor's house and I thought about next destination with Bor's advise though, it's expensive to go somewhere from Ljubljana!
I have to pay 40Euro for just couple of hours.
That's not good choice...

But Bor found a good ticket for me, we went to train station to buy the ticket.
I say thank you to local friend!!
That's why I love couch surfing :D

After that I met his girlfriend and other 4 friends, we watched free movie in cinema,
I bought this Bosnian bread, a lot of cheese inside, I ate. 2Euro.

Then we headed to center of night life in Ljubljana, almost young people were there, it was so crouded that we couldn't go inside to disco.

So we just standed up there and had a conversation with his friends, I couldn't understand the slovenian language though.

Then we went back to home with his girlfriend by taxi at 4am.
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02 Sep 2010

To Ljubljana

I said good-bye to Mario, then I rode a tram to Zagreb station.

Cool station!

Dep. 1pm to Ljubljana.

Then I arrived at Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2hr.

Bor(22:Slovenian) who accepted me as couch surfer came to station to pick me up by car, thank you!

We arrived at his house,

He prepared me lunch, yummy!

After taking a rest, I borrowed his sisters bike, he showed me around by bike*

I follow~

Tivole park

Preseren's square

Dragon bridge

City holl


river, called beach

Then climbed up to tower,

nice view!

We went back home a while,

we went out to city to see pank band.
I couldn't understand the language though, it looks funny.

We went back to home around 11:30pm, I did Thai massage to him, then I went to bed.
Soooo sleepy, just I wrote today's blog simple.
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