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01 Sep 2010


Mario who hosted me here in Zagreb is chill-out person, we wake up at 11am and took breakfast, we went to cafe to coffee at near his house.

Nice coffee :D

I sat down with Mario's 5~6 friens from college.

After cafe he took me the cemetary as his grandfather passed away 40days ago.

Mario really loved grandfather, he made cross in front of grave with tears, I also felt sad...

In Japan, a soul go to heaven in 49days though, here is in 40days, the day was today.
Come to think of that, a soul stay this world about 1.5 months.

After the grave, he took me other cemetary though,

is this cemetary!? looks good!

the grave tour was started by Mario.

This cemetary is really big with green, feeling like walking in green park.

This grave is famous family, this is mayer, this is..., like this he explain about graves with history background, so it's interesting.

This is cool Mario, looks similar with Micahel of Roswell TV drama.

We went back to home, I made Okonomiyaki for lunch.

Okonomiyaki is always yummy*

For dessert, we ate cake that I bought it yesterday in Vincek :D
The shape was broken though, very yummy***

After lunch we chilled-out, then we went to supermarket to buy a wine and juice, then we went to Mario's friend's house for party.

About 20 Croatian students came there and drunk.
At first time they talk with just Croatian language, so I couldn't understand at all but after deep drunk they try to talk in English.

Come to think of that, everybody brought alchole and juice though, there was no snacks.
In Japan, we always have some snacks with drink, so it was different.

They planted to go disco after drunk, but they didn't.
So we went back home at 4:30am.
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31 Aug 2010


The bus departed 9pm from Dobrovnik last night, the seat was full and cold, so I couldn't sleep at all...

I arrived at Zagreb, Croatia at 7am~.

Well,,,, COLD!!!!
It's same country Dobrovnik and Zagreb but temperature is much defferent!?
I wore all my clothes.

Mario(22:Croatian) who accepted me as couch surfer, came to bus terminal by car to pick me up, then he took me to his house.

He woke up for me 7am, what a kind man! :D
When I came into his house, he gave me a room and I could sleep few hours, thanks!!

After 3 hours sleeping,
he prepared me a breakfast :D
Simple but nice*
Thank you Mario!

After breakfast/lunch, I went out to city centery by myself.

Zagreb is captal but there are big green parks, beautiful and clean city!

I arrived at Jelacica place, center of city by foot,

I got a map in Tourist information center :D

I bought a icecream in famous cake&ice shop Vincek 12Kn(About 1.8Euro) :D

walking eating ice cream,

Kula Lotrscak

Naive art museum
Student 10Kn(1.5Euro)
Adult 20Kn(3Euro)

St.Mark Church, very cute with Mozaic roof*

Zagreb museum

Student 10Kn(1.5Euro)
Adult 20Kn(3Euro)

Big and there are many kinds of stuff to see, so I saw around slowly, it was already 5pm.
Ooops,,, it'd be better I go to other sights.

Stone gate

It was a time to set it off.

The Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Already the time to sing a song.

I also wanted to see the market near the church though, it was already finished.

I used a time for museum, so I thought hunging around a city a bit more though, Mario who was studying at home sent a cute messege "when you come back? I'm already hungry~", so I went back home by tram.

Mario took me a local restaurant by car, we ate Cevapcici, kind of Bosnian food*
Ordered with coke, alltogether about 50Kn(7Euro).
The bread is very soft and streach, inside sausage is also yummy*
I added like a cream cheese to it though, very full!!

We went to supermarket after dinner and went back home.
Mario showed me a lot of beautiful pictures of Croatia and Bosnia with drinking beer :D

Come to think of that, European people has a good knowledge of history, and they likes their country very much.
We Japanese, it's a shame though, we don't have a knowledge of history very much because some other countris are still controling our education as we lost in war, and Japanese people has very weak mind now a days...
Many people don't like our country so much and it's very rare we can see our country flag in Japan, it's very strange though...

So please don't brame us if we couldn't talk about history, especially younger ages, we didn't get a good history education so much.

I did Thai massage to Mario, today was finished~.
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30 Aug 2010

Srd Mountain

I hunged around the old town in Dobrovnik yesterday already, I climb a Srd mountain today!

I went out from hostel and I headed to the bottom of the mountain.
I found a walk way to the top, let's climb~!

But it's very rock mountain road, it's a bit hard by flip flap??

Let's take the picture of this road!

I pushed the button of my camera though...


dosen't work...


I tried get a battery off or SD card many time though, it doesn't work~~~!!(>_<)


I could use the camera yeasterday normaly....

I thought going back to hostel once but I already walked up a mountain, so just I continue clibming thinking about insurance.

Oh no~~~, what a great view!!
It's very pity I can't take this picture~~~(>_<)

By the way, it's very nice weather today and no shade, so it means very hot.
Sometimes cool wind came from the sea, I felt good.

Like that, I climbed up with flip flap, I arrived at top in 1 hour!!


Actually, there is a cable car to top though, the cost is 72Kn(10Euro) in round ticket, so I desided to climb up by myself.

But it was hard though~.

It was a fantastic view from 412m high Srd Mountain, it was sooooo pity why my camera doesn't work.

To buy a new camera, please give me a donation...(>_<)

There is just one restaurant on top, when I checked the price, it's cheaper than the old town!!

I wanted to eat some seafood from Adria sea, I ordered mussles with tomato garlic source.

That was very very yummy~~~***

There were more than 30 mussles, makes me rich*
the price was 55Kn(about 8Euro)

I also ordered orange juice 26kn(3.5Euro) though, it was also very yummy!

I could found a good restaurant after long days, so I ordered another orange juice again and ate fruit cake 25Kn(3.5Euro), everyfood was yummy~~~?***

It was cheper than old town, so this restaurant on top mounatin is very good!!
It was soooo pity I couldn't take the pictures(>_<)

Total 132Kn(About 19Euro), ah, I spend money~.

I saw fantastic view, then I went back to hostel thinking about insurance.

But it's very strange that the camera doesn't work at all.
Maybe low battery?? but I charged it just few days ago though...

I charged the battery again, what! it's work----!!!!

I couldn't take the picture from mountain though, I can take picture more! Yeah!!

If you thought about donation for me, I say thank you :D

I took some rest in hostel, I asked about joining barbecue at this hostel for 7Euro though, the dinner start from 8:30pm, so I can't join because I plan to leave Dobrobnik 9pm by bus.

It was already 5:30pm though, I charged the battery already, so I try to climb the Srd mountain again to eat dinner!!

I don't have so much time but maybe I can go..!!

Well, when I climbed at noon, it took me 1 hour though, if I climb 2 times faster, I guess I can get top in 30min!

At noon, it was very hot so I can't walk faster but in evening was Ok.

Climb climb...

Wow, it's sunset time, the old town looks good!

Come to think of that, I always looks like a going shopping to close super market though,

I am climbing very hard rock road by flip flap(lol)

looks good by sunset!

2 times faster, 2 times faster...
So I climbed up the rock road quickly, I got to top in 30min!

back side of Srd mountain, what a fantastic view~~~!!!

Ooops, I have no time!

I wanna take the picture but I have to eat dinner first!!
I started to climb 6pm and I arrived top 6:30pm.

I went to restaurant again and I ordered pasta with mussles.

U~mm, Mussles pasta! 49Kn(About 7Euro)

Very very yummy~~***

It was good idea to come this restaurant again~~:D

After dinner, I took some pictures.

Already getting dark, it was more beautiful at noon...

Well, I have to climb down quickly!!

7:15pm... if I walk 3 times faster, It'd be fine!?

So I climbed down like a ninja on rock road by flip flap.

I am climbing down on this road, yeah, I'm ninja!

It's getting dark but
town looks very beautiful~~***

I took the picture very quickly, I climbed down.
It's a mountain road so it's denger after sun set.

I climbed down in 20min as I climed down 3 times faster, yatta-!!

Then I go back to hostel just walking to dry me that got sweat.

Already dark~.

Then I arrived at hostel 7:50, I took shower very quicklyl, I said good-bye to friend who I met in hostel, then I carry my backpack and head to bus terminal.

I went out hostel 8:10pm, to bus terminal take me 30min.

A little bit dengerous if I walk to bus terminal, so when I arrived main road, thumb up with shainy smile!

A car stop for me quickly.

My hitch-hiking is 100% success :D

Kindly old man took me to bus terminal, I could get bus terminal 30min before leave~!

I could ride on the bus dep. 9pm Dobrovnik to Zagreb.

I enjoyed Dobrovnik as well :D.

I never expect I climb up mountain 2 times...but the restaurant was very yummy, so if you climb up the Srd mountain, I recommend to go there!
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29 Aug 2010

To Dobrovnik

I woke up at 7am and took shower, then I checked out hostel at 8am.
Then I walked to bus terminal.

I rode on the bus to Dobrovnik, Croatia, the bus deperted at 8:30am from Kotor.

I sat down on front seat seeing the view though,

what a nice view :D

The bus arrived at the border of Montenegro, then go to Croatia though, there were a lot of car there, much traffic jam, so the bus stucked.
It seemed taking 2hr if the bus on line.
But the bus driver suddenly drove the opposite car line and drove strait to boader control!?

So we could arrived border quickly than other cars, we could go enter Croatia quickly.Good job, driver!(lol)

Then the bus arrived at Dobrovnik, Croatia in 3hr, 11am.

I expected the staff of accomodation was there to pick me up though, nobody there, so when I send a SMS to the staff, finally he came to bus terminal for me.
(Actually I send e-mail twice and called 3 times, and send SMS onece, but no answer...)

Villa Banana
Dorm 18Euro
Free Wifi

I booked this hostel because had a good rate and review though, the place was top of the hill, so I was surprised.
Besides, the staff don't speak English so much, there was no key in a bathroom, I couldn't get hot shower just cold, no trash box in a kitchen,,,, I wonder why this hostel had a good rate...

Anyway, I got a map from this hostel and headed to old town.

I walked down the narrow steps following a map,

I arrived at old town in 20min!

This is a "Pile gate" on east side.

Velika Onofrijeva fontana and Franjevacki samostan

I found the funny fountain :D

Placa street

Ice cream 10Kn(about 1.50Euro)

Luza place

I ate sandwitch 20Kn and fanta lemon 12Kn = 32Kn(about 4.5Euro)


Sv.Ignacija i Collegium Ragusinum

Anyway, the sea is amazing beautiful~~~!!!!
Amaaaaazin, Fantaaaaaastic the Adria sea...***

Like this I hunged around the old city, I went back to hostel once and changed to basin suits, then I headed to old town again to swim*

A little bit cold already at 5:30pm though...

But I swam in Europe first time, yeeeeeah~~~~*

I swam around 30min, it makes me cold, I wore cloth and went back to hostel.
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