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20 Aug 2010

Night bus

Next couch surfer, husband and wife come from Iran at 6am.
Ozy went out to pick them up, he is aweson...!!!

I woke up quickly before he go to work, I said thank you and did hug.
I really felt comfortable stay with him, really appreciate him!!

By the way, my mouse of PC was broken, so it was very unconbenient using PC, I went electronic store to buy it.

I bought new mouse, microsoft one in 18.50TL(9Euro).
I can write blog by this :)

kumpir for lunch 6TL(3Euro)

Turkish icecream 4TL(2Euro)

very stretchable but good.

I went to bus company office, metoro in Taksim, then I rode on mini bus to Otogal bus terminal.

The bus left at 6pm.

I wrote this blog on the seat, I felt sick...

So I just slept.

On the way, they gave us icecream!!

The bus stopped every 1.5hr for break, there were passport control at 11pm on the border.

From the midnight, my next seat was vacant, so I slept down on 2 seats, bus was movig to Athens.
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19 Aug 2010

Prince's island

I go to Prince's island that Haru told to me.

I ride on boat from Kabatash.
Fast boat 7TL(3.5Euro) About 45min.
Slow boat 3TL(1.5Euro) About 90min.

It was just a time of fast one, so I rode on that.

I arrived Buyukada in 1hour.
There were A/C in fast boat, it was comfortable :)

When I rode off the boat, it was very very hot, no shade.
There are a lot of restaurant and survenir shop on the street.

On beach, a lot of people are enjoying swiminng.
Oh no, I should have brought a basin suite here~~(>_<)

Just I soaked my feet, very nice*
Water also clear.

icecream 5TL(2.5Euro)
A bit expensive because of island...!
But looks like flower, cute :D

Here island is for resort, there are many beautiful house and good condition road.

Anyway, I head to monestry that is one of the sight.
Almost people go there by horse carriage, so just I walked on a road(^^;

I arrived at the wide corner, it was a place of horse carriage stop, everyone go to monestry by foot from there.

Very steep and hard to walk up~!

I walked up slowly, in 20 min I arrived at top of the hill.

This is the monestry.
Not so special, very normal...
Taking picture is prohibited, inside also not so special...?

Landscape from top...

When I checked time, wow already in 2hr half from I started walking!!
I turned to go back to port, took a short cut way, I could go back to port in 45min.

I also took a fastboat to Kabatash, I bought a corn to eat.


Looks yummy~!
When I bite it, not so yummy, not so sweet, a bit sticky, because of Turkey??

I went back to home and headed to Taksim with Ozy together for dinner*

Ozy took me Meza(?) restaurant, Turkish food,

this is a visible menu, easy to choose!

It's called Lion's milk, 40% alchole.
Normal liquide is transparant but when add water, it turn to be white.
It's made from grape.

We enjoyed these dishes.
Everyhitng were yummy, we had interesting conversation between Turkey and Japan :)
Generous Ozy treated the dinner for me, thank you very much!!

I tried Turkish icecream again.
2 scoope 3TL(1.5Euro)

I wonder why this shape are flat tough, taste was good at this time :D

By the way, I could make a local friend who are knowing local place very much because of couch surfing.
The web site is really cool!!
We can make a lot of local friends all over the world!

I really enjoyed staying with Ozy, thank you Ozy!!!(^0^)
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18 Aug 2010

Istanbul sightseeing

Well, today I go to sightseeing!

I go to Taksim square first.

I follow the tram line and go to south west direction.

Galata tower

Then I walk throught on Galata bridge.

This is Turkey's landscape, Mosque and city are mixing.

Topkapi Palace

The entrance fee was 20TL(10Euro), expensive, so just I took the picture of the gate.
Then I hunged around the garden.

St. Sofhia Museum
Entrance fee is 20TL(10Euro)

Ozy recommended here than palace, so I paid for it.

This is inside, the atmosphere is defferent from the other sight so far.

I found many people seeing something..??
I checked it, there was something.

This is Wish column, there is a hole for thumb, just turn your palm 360 degree without took off the thumb from hole.
I also tried it, and I could :D
My wish is enjoying my life*

Next is underground palace.
Yerebatan sarnici i.s.532(The Basilica Cistern 532 A.D.)

Entrance fee is 10TL(5Euro)

I think the sightseeing place in Istanbul is more expensive than compare with the local rate.

Buuuuut, here was soooooo nice!!!
To be honest, here was the best I've gone in Istanbul!!

There are a lot of columns in underground, there are water stream on the floor and fishes are swimming.

Then I walked to the end....

Medusa here!!!
It's upside down, it makes me scary.

This is also scary~~~(>_<)

I read the description of these though, it said it's a one of the mystery.

Chicken sandwich for lunch 2.50TL(1.25Euro).

Looks was good but taste was not so.

After here, I went to Jan's light meal restaurant to drink lemonede, then I headed to another mosque Ozy recomended one though, it was underconstruction that I couldn't go inside.

These are grave of Turkish.

After here, I tried to go main street though, I got lost a bit and went to poor district, so I felt a bit scary though, when I asked the way to them, they told me kindly, then I could go back to main street.

Sun set from Galata bridge.

I walked back to Taksim square again, went to supermarket and went back to home.

Ozy came back to home at 10pm, I asked about going to Athens, he organized going to there for me suggested many plan, eventually I took the plan to go there by Metro bus that I took from Sofia to Istanbul.

We went to bus office in Taksim at midnight.
It was awesome the office is opening 24 hours..!!

Istanbul to Athens 120TL(60Euro).
About 20 hours bus ride...

I am really impressed Ozy, he is very kind and helpful..!!
Thank you very much, Ozy!!!

Ozy told me these good links.

Metro bus
Varan bus (no bus to Athens though.)

last minute (Cheap flight search)

Ferry in Istanbul(Time table)

About Greece(Ferry time table)
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17 Aug 2010

Turkish bath

Jan, I met yesterday at light meal food restaurant, told me local Turkish bath place, so I and Leo go there today :D

From Sultanafmet to Capa by tram, then there is the road, Basvekil Cad, on south derection, just walk the road to south in 15 min, we arrived at Hamam(Turkish bath).

I called Jan, so Jan joined us, we go inside sepalated gate.

This is woman side gate.
There is a carten so we can't see inside.

This is man side gate.
We can see inside.

Entrance fee is 20TL(about 10Euro), almost half price from touristic place's bath!

I took off my cloths, I went inside the Turkish bath.

This is inside, there are no tap.

Like sauna, and there are no guest, just for me :D

This is next room, there is a marble table.
I took shower and sit down on the table, I got relax*
(A bit difficult taking picture though...)

This is celling, natural light from the holes.

After About 15min, a woman came inside and did massage for me :D
Rubbing body and sorp massage*

took off old skin and cleaning my body.

That's very interesting and feeling gooooood*

I finished the Turkish bath in 1 hour, I met Leo and Jan again.

Jan go to work from now, so we said good bye to Jan, we headed to Tram station.

There were big local market near Hamam, we walk through inside.

There were no tourist, just us, very interesting!!
I bought 1 pants in 2.50TL(about 1.25Euro) :D

This is lunch today.
Kebabu 2.50TL
Lomonede 1TL

It was first time to eat kebabu in my life though, I prefer more vegetable inside~.

We rode on tram to Karakoy, then we rode on ship.

Fee is 1.50TL(about 75cent).

Feeling goooood!!

We arrived at Haydarpasa, Asia side.
Leo is good at history, he always explain the history for me :D

We looked for baggage strage place but all coin rocker was full, so Leo carry his back pack, cool :)

But soooooo hot outside, we went inside to Carrefour.

I'm taking a picture of turkish mayonnnaise(lol).

We went out the shopping mole, we headed to North.



Leo took interesting way, he don't see a map, just he walk, I follow him.

We arrived at the sunset point, we ordered tea and take rest.

Tea 1TL(50cent)

Sun set~*

walking again..


By the way, I just follow him like this though,

this is me(lol).

Looks like just I went out to buy something in near supermarket.
Looks is not tourist, just a local people, hahaha.

We ate Turkish flaver pizza in park.
12.50TL(about 6Euro)

Here I said good bye to Leo, I head to home.

Take ship again to Europe side.
Wind is soooo cool.

Night seeing is sooooo cool.

I arrived at Ozy's house at 9pm, Ozy gave me turkish beer and had a conversation :D

I did Thai massage to Ozy, tody was finihed.

Come to think of it, I haven't get sightseeing so much here.
I do sightseeing tomorrow.
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16 Aug 2010


Ozy went to work from early morning, I wake up at late.

I went to Taksim first to change money, 20Euro to 38.50TL.
Next I went to Sultanafmet by Tram.

I headed to Bule mosque though, the time was praying time so I couldn't go inside, just I took a rest on marble stone.

I just gave up to go inside, I decide to go somewhere.

Icecream 1TL

It was soooo hot day, I bought it just now but already is melted.

I walk with icecream.

Grand Bazar

Bazar is large, it's like this.
Incidentally, the exchange shop's rate was better than the other place.
I change money at here from next.

After bazar, I drank lemonede and I headed to hostel Leo stay now.
Leo is the person who let me stay his house in Wien(Vienna), and traveling East Europe now.
Coincidence, he arrived Istanbul in this morning, yeah!

I never expected I could meet him again, I'm very glad :D

We had conversation about 1 hour, he wanted to take some rest, so I went out by myself again.

It was very hot outside like a hell, I went back to drink lemonede again.

Lemonede 1TL
Pai 1.50TL

One of the shop stuff was interested in me, he wanted to get my massage though, he had no time to take a break, just we had some conversation, and he took me to Turkish icecream shop.

Turkish icecream 2TL(about 1Euro)

It was first time to eat Turkish icecream though, not so sweet, it's like a cool rice cake..?

The taste was not so yummy than I expected.
Maybe I should try again next time.

Then I headed to Blue mosque to sightseeing.

Blue Mosque

Entrance fee was free.

Inside mosque.

Next I headed to Topkapi palace though, it was already 6pam, the gate was starting closed, I couldn't go inside.. shock~.

Well, it was time to meet Leo again.

Leo walked sea side and I followed him.

Sea side is nice~*

Many Turkish people were enjoying the beach.

We walked biside of sea port though, we found something like this.

This is a trap for car that came from wrong side.
Wow, this is very dangerous!
I wonder why they need this??

We walked biside of new mosque about 1 hour,

we arrived at this restaurant.

We orderd water pipe here!

Normally I don't smoke, just 2 times I tried to smoke tabacco in my life though, this is defferent from tabacco, so I try!

There were many kind of flavers, we orderd peach, 18TL(about 9Euro).


mmm, I don't feel peach flaver so much though, it's like a clear tabacco?

Sometimes I got cough and a bit got sick and dizzy though, it's Ok, just a new experience :D
Leo treated it for me, thanks!!

We went to Taksim, city center next,
we ate Kumpir together :D
6TL(about 3Euro)

Mushed potato and cheese, and add some flavers.

The taste is nice!

But Turkish people really likes stretching food(?).

I went back to Ozy home past 12am though... he waited me with smile, I really say thank you!!
He has such a big heart :D
I wanna be the person like him*
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I'd be so happy when you buy something on Amazon from here :D

I appreciate your donation for ice cream :D

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