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12 Aug 2010


If you thinking about going Beograd from Budapest by night train, I never recommend it.

I had to wake up at 2am and 3am by passport control, 6am by waking up call, so I couldn't sleep very much.

No reason to choose the night train...!

And I wonder why they took our train ticket up when we rode on the train, then they gave the ticket back in the morning.
Why they gathered our ticket???

From train window.
Very sleepy...

The train arrived at Beograd, Serbia train station at 7am, 30min delay.
Very very sleepy...

It was early morning, so the tourist information was still closed, I got a city map at exchange money shop on the next of the information.

Well, I ate light breakfast at park, bread with mayonnase, I took some rest on a bench about 1hr.

Well, it's time to go to sightseeing...

City market.

This is for local people, so it looks local price.

From top.

Walking around.

Terazije, center of the city.

From here, I head to north, shopping street,
Knez Mihailova.

There was a object like this in the fountain.

I walked with heavy backpack, then finally I arrived at the main park.

Kalemegdan park

Looks interesting but soooooo hot!!!!

It's getting steamy compare with the other country I've traveled so far in Europe...

I hunged around the park, then I slept on the grass about 3hr.

Veograd is not so small city but not so many sight to see.

Well, to be honest, too hot to hung around with backpack....I'll be died...

I slept untill past 4pm.

Well, it's time to move...

Orthodox Cathedral

Princess Ljubica's Mansion

Kosancicev venac

I stay Serbia just today, so I thought to eat Serbian food, I went into some restaurant.

Bread, Serbian beer and cuisine, cheese inside pork and fry.
1170Dn(About 11Euro)

It was too big for 1 person, I couldn't eat all...just a half I could eat.

Taste was normal, not so special...

Well then, before going to station, I headed to bomb place by NATO.

It was shocked...
Still remaining like this.

Then I arrived at the station, I bought a ticket to Sofia, Bulgaria.

Normal ticket 2204Dn(20.60Euro)
Night bed 1070Dn(10Euro)

If you thinking about using a night train, I recommend staying at Beograd 1 night, there are some hostel from 10Euro.

I rode on the train to Sofia, Bulgaria, dep. 9:15pm.

No A/C, no fun, soooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moreover, my bed was topmost, I couldn't get enough wind from a window, it was like a sauna.
Just I took my wearing off and tryed to sleep, half my body on bed half my body outside bed to get the wind, it was like hot hell.

I tried to sleep like this with patience.
I wonder the night train in Europe, like this!?
No way...!!
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