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11 Aug 2010

Night train

I headed to central market today to eat something.

I bought this. Ham and cheeze and mushroom on a fried ban. 700Ft(about 2.50Euro)
Hangary Beer 250Ft(about 80cent)

Looks interesting but taste was not so good....

I think central market is for tourist.
Not so cheape, not so tasty.
I should have gone to local restaurant.

Well I head to east train station to buy the ticket.


Entrance fee was a bit expensive, I didn't go inside.

I arrived at East train station, when I bought the ticked at normal ticket counter, I couldn't, so I went to International ticket counter.

There was numbering macine, I took the number though, I have to wait after 40people..

If I came here just before deperture time, it's impossible to buy.

This is the ticket counter.

Well, I bought the night train ticket from Budapest to Beograd though,

this is the ticket for sleeper 4705Ft(16.40Euro)

this is the ticket for 2nd class 4305Ft(15.60Euro)

Oh no! I didn't know the sleeper so expensive!!(>_<)
I checked in internet before though, I couldn't find it anywhere, so I expected the price about 20Euro alltogether though, I got big mistake!!

Like this story, I don't need to use night train, jut I go there daytime and get a accomodation(or couch) there was much cheaper...

I'm shocked...but this is the travel, I always have no plan.

Just I went back to home to pick my baggage up and took shower, then I headed to station again at night.

I wanted to use all Hungary money, I bought something at super market and then Mcdonard.
Double cheese burger 1010Ft(About 4Euro)

Good volume but not yummy at all...(>_<)
It'd be better bought some chocolate instead of Mc.

I rode on the train to Veograd, dep 23:00.

This is night train though, the ceilling is super row!!
Maybe 50cm...?

Too row to use computer on the bed...
I feel hurts my neck.

Just sleep in.
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10 Aug 2010

Budapest 2

I took a rest morning, then I went out from afternoon.

Vasarcsarnok, central market.

View from upstairs.

Here is like a Warorot market in Chiang mai, Thailand, they sell vegetable or fruits at downstairs, souvenir or restaurant at upstairs.

I walked around upstairs and checked a food,

I ordered Gulyas(Papurica beef stew) as yeasterday one was yummy.
Gulyas 650Ft + bread 30Ft = 680Ft(about 3Euro)

There a lot of beef inside the soup, looks gooood :D

But I prefer yesterday's one's taste in restaurant..
Too many beef pieces, so it was hard to eat everything at last...

When I went out from market, there were a lot of pigeon, a bit scary..
I guess there was some food on the corner.

I walked through Szabadsag hid(bridge) to Buda side.

Donau river is wide~.

There is a rock on mountain in Buda side though,
there are rock buildings like this, looks cool!!

Gellert hegy(hill)

Well, I walk up this hill.

Thre is waterfalls first,

statue who was died here next,

I arrived at top finally~!
It took about 30min to top?


That's a gooood view from top!!

Then I walked down from hill,
I walked through on Erzebet hid(bridge).


Gothic style, sharp sharp.

Then, from now, I head to west train station to some shopping.

I lost some stuffs in this travel of Europe already though, this time I forgot to take my easy dried towel from Katrin's house, Vienna(>_<).

From Budapest to Vienna(Wien), it's just 10Euro by bus, 20Euro by round bus, so I thought to go back Vienna to pick my towel(about 12Euro's value) though, I decided to buy new towel in here Budapest.

I asked where the camping shop is in tourist information, I headed to the shop.

I went into the shop and asked the price, it was 2995Ft(about 12Euro), so I bought it quickly!

Left one is normal bath towel, right one is easy dried towel I bought.
Isn't is soooo small?

Small, I can wipe my body enough and easy dry, so I always need like this towel in my travel.

This is the towel.
When you go to travel around, like this towel is very practical :)

I also found a supermarket, I bought chocolate from Poland.
103Ft a each(about 50cent)

The taste is a bit salty..?? Salt chocolate??

I need chocolate in my Europe travel as well.(get melt in daytime, get hard in nighttime.)

By the way, the area near west train station is not tourist area, so I thought around here are looks not expensive~, I was walking like that, I found looooong icecream!

Loooooong :D

320Ft(about 1.20Euro)


It's funny and good, so I reccomend it when you come to Budapest :)
I bought this in the cross road Octagon, but I also found another shop in the city.

I walked through in front of Opera house,

I arrived at Rudas bath~.

Yeah, today is finished by taking hot springs.

The business hours until 8pm though, I went there 7pm.
The entrance fee was 2100Ft(about 9Euro), a bit expensive!(but cheaper than the other bath place.)
If I took a bath in 2hours, I can get the refund about 300Ft from a guidebook, so I asked about it, the real price was 2800Ft.(about 11Euro), expensive!
(Japanese hotsprings is not so expensive.)

As I didn't have enought cash, I paid it by credit card.

They gave me high-tech tag, I can go inside by the tag.
I can use my cabin by the tag too.

Today was a ladies day, so just ladies can go inside.
Normally in Japane, we take wearings off and take a bath naked though, here is not Japan, so I wore a basinsuite and went inside.
Buuuut, there were some naked ladies taking the bath!!
The rate is about 30%.

I wore basinsuite but I took it off later, then I enjoyed the bath like in Japan :)

It seemed when customer go inside the cabin, the recepcion give us towel and some wearing though, when I went there, there was nobody in recepcion, so I missed it.
I got a towel later by myself, just I enjoyed the bath.

The main bath was 36degree, not so hot.
There were also 25,28,33,42degree bath, I changed the bath many times and enjoyed some degrees*
Thre was also sauna, I enjoyed it too.

Like that, I enjoyed the hot springs, today's sightseeing was finished~.
I love taking bath very much!! :D
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09 Aug 2010


I walked all day long yeasterday with backpack, when I woke up this morning I felt my all mascles hurts~(>_<)

So I took rest untill noon, I went out from 2pm to explore~!

I got a map in tourist information, I headed to sightseeing.

Szechenyi Landchid

This is the first bridge builded between Buda side and Pest side.

I walk to Palace over the bridge.

There was a cablecar to top though, I can walk by myself so I walked up to the hill.

This is a view from middle of hill.

I arrived at Palace in about 20min~.

Good view from Palace hill!!

This is Buda side.

Palace area is very wide, I walked around.


Matyas templom

Weather is very good, feeling goooood*

But the church is under construction.


What a cute!

Maria Magdolna torony

Higher church.

Well, I walked around inside Palace area, I walk back to center.

I changed a money from 20Euro to 5500Forint.

There is a "Orszaghaz" over the river.

I walked through on the main bridge, then I walk back to Pest side.

Szt. Istvan Bazillika

This is inside.

There are a lot of old building like this, this city is mixed new and old building.

I went back to Luka's house to pick my baggage up on 6pm, then I met next couch host person on 7pm.

Then we went to restaurant to eat dinner together*

I orderd Gulyas, Hungary food.
The taste is like a beef stew in Japan, good taste*
She paid for me, thank you very much!!!

After dinner, she showed around the night view in Budapest.

Very very beautiful~~~***

We went back to house on 11pm, I did Thai massage for her, then I went to bed.
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