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08 Aug 2010


I went to bed past 3am last night though, I woke up at past 7am for travel to Brastilava, Slovakia with Katrin.

Katrin prepared tipical German breakfast for Satuaday and Sunday*

We made also sandwith for lunch, then we headed to Erdburg.

Bus office of Eurolines, near Erdburg station.
We bought the ticket, Wien~Brastilava, 6Euro.

When we checket the ticket in internet before, it was already full though, we could buy ticket directly in office :)

This is the bus.
But is cheapest way to Brastilava.

Then we arrived at Brastilava in 1hr.
The rode off point was Novy most, just beside of the castle.

This is cool steps to the castle.

Brastilava castle

Dunaj River
Mostly forest.

Cute and cozy town of Brastilava.

Cute Church.

Icecream was 50cent for single.
Size is small but cheap*

We got a map in tourist information, hunged around following map.

Hlavne nam

There was cute Japanese embassy on left side :D

I found a lot of interesting art object in town :D

This is a street.
There are a lot of fauntains, clean and good atmospher, beautiful town!


This is one of the sightseeing point though, still underconstruction.

This is narrow road.

St.Michael's Gate

St.Elizabeth's Church

This church's looks like toy*

Inside also blue.

We ate Austrian dessert with espresso, 2.5Euro.
I couldn't remember the sweets name though, this is Ausrtian sweets.
But Katrin said this is not real, not so good.
I haven't tried it before, so I don't know the real one.
Katrin paid it for me, thank you!!!

There was not so enough time to go to train station, I said thank you and good bye to Katrin, I headed to station quickly.

I passed Grassalkovich Palace.

I arrived at station 10min before the train dep. time.

...but a lot of people in line...pinchi!
Am I in India..?

But I could get the ticket somehow!

Bratislava~Bdapest 14.20Euro

Not so expensive, I paid it by credit card.

I can ride on the train...
When I checked the platform in board,,,

I can't imagine that,,, 80min delay!?

Am I in India...?

(In Japan, the train time table is always correct on time.)

I waited 80min, then I rode on the train, I couldn't get a seat because of much people, also many people even in a side way.

Yeah, here was India...

Just I sat down beside of a door, I was writing a blog sitting on a steps.

Budapest Keleti

I arrived at 7:45pm on East station, Budapest, I headed to meeting point with Luka who accepted me as couch surfer.

I headed there looking my Japanges guidebook though, I got lost a bit, besides it took me 40min to to there...
Too much walking...!

I met Luka, he took me his house, I put my baggage on his house, we went out together.

Building is light up.
This is like a Budapest!

We had a conversation with wine with sparkling water.

But he asked me about eating whale and dolphin(!?) or don't I feel scared eating puffer fish, so my feeling was not good...
So are you thinking all Japanese are eating whale and dolphin???
Actually, I've never eaten whale and dolphin in my life.
I have eaten puffer fish maybe twice in my life though, I never thought about I'll be died, because the proffesional cooker who has license just can cook the fish.
Normal people never cook the puffer fish by theirselves.

There are a lot of people eating fish, pork, chicken, beef and sheep, even in Australia they eat kangaroo.
So if you are not vegetarian, everyone are eating some animal's life.
But we are living in animal world, big animal like a lion eats other animals, bit fish also eats small fish.
So this is a world.

You can come to Japan and you can see by your eyes, travel around the world by yourself, make a lot of friends in the world.
We can learn a lot of things by ourselves, not from TV or Internet.

By the way 2 girls from Lithuania joined our tabel.
They were traveler by hitch-hiking and sleeping in tent around 3 weeks!
Even tognight, they didn't have a bed!! What a awesome!!!
They were friendly and interesting talking, I was impressed.
I am still like a baby traveler.

We went back to house, I did Thai massage to Luka, then I went to bed.
I walked a lot today, I feel my body hurts...
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