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07 Jul 2010


Anyway, I'm very sleepy after I left Chiang mai.
I'm also writing a same blog in Japanese, so I think I'm a super woman.

Kindly Andrea said, I can stay his home as long as I want, so I'll stay Roma longer than I planed.

So just I did sleep and wrote blog until evening.
At evening, Andrea took me out by his bike.

Frozen drink at bar of Andrea's friend.
Taste is like a strowberry, very yummy*

This bar's system is very reasonable, just we order 1 drink, we can eat everything by bufet style.

Drink is just around 5 Euro, that's very reasonable and awesome!
That's why there was a lot of customer here.

Next he took me to Italian icecream shop near San pietro.
There were a lot of local Roman people.

This big size is 2 Euro.
It was cute that even big body man also bought big icecream.

After icecream, he took me to Tiramisu shop though, I was already full that I can't eat the cake...

Instead of cake, I drank the espresso.

Andrea said this illy brand is No1 coffee maker in Italy.
Actually it was deel and bitter taste, it made my eyes opened.

I didn't go sightseeing today, but today was finished like this.
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06 Jul 2010


I thought I make Okonomiyaki(Japanese dish, it's like a pizza) for Andrea, we went super market.

This is a shopping cart in Italy.
It's interesting, different from normal one.

I already bought a Japanese mayonnaise and soup for Okonomiyaki's ingredient though, I have to get more.

I looked for cabbage, cabbage,,,
What's this!!!(lol)
Too round!!!
It's like a ball.
Awesome Italy.
Normal shape is OK for me.

Cheese and salami
I like cheese :)

I looked for BBQ sourse though, they didn't have that, so I got soy sourse and ketchup for sourse, and pork.
I fond a Japanese good soy sourse though, it was 5 Euro, expensive!!

I also got a Italy and German mayonnaise*
1 Euro Italy
1.28 Euro Germany

It was a first time to find a Mcdonald, very rare!

This is a dish that Andrea made for lunch.
Italian wine is very yummy~*
I'll make Okonomiyaki for dinner.

Andrea go to the other job as elected person in Roma, I also went there with him for curious.

We arrived at a park.
A lot of people cleaned the park, took garbage.

I wrote before though, Roma is not so clean city.
A lot of graffitys and also garbage in street.
It was dissapointed..

I thought, it was not so late though, it was already 8pm.

We went back to home and I thought making Okonomiyaki for dinner though, I'm still full from lunch...

So Andrea made a light dishes.
The cheese was super yummy, I was really impressed it!
The red wine was yummy too.
The taste was like a expensive wine that I drank in New Zealand.

Andrea is also salsa dance teacher, I learned salsa about 30 min. after dinner.
I also did Thai massage for him.

After that, Andrea took me to Italian icecream shop*

This is the shop near university, no tourist.

3 kind of icecream, big volume, 1.8Euro!
Cheaper than I ate in tourist spot!

After eating, he took me to dance club next.
Cool Italian people is dancing...
I debut salsa dancer suddenly.

Very difficult to dance...!

But also very fun...!

We danced until the end.
The time was about 4 am....

I need sleep...

Hey Sue, go to bed!!
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05 Jul 2010

Long day

I woke up at 9am, and went out at 11am.
I thought to go Citta del Vaticano though, I don't have enough time today, so I'll go there next.
Today is a last day of Roma pass, also a lot of museum in Monday are closed, so let's go other free sight.

I rode on metro to Circo Massimo st., and then walk to east.

Bocca della Verita

There were not so many people than I expected, just about 30 people were on the line.
The fee was 50 cent, we can take just 1 picture for 1 person.

After took picture, went to the church.

Chiesa di Santa Maria in Cosmedin

I went out from church, and acrossed the road.

Piazza Bocca della Verita

In Roma, there are a lot of sight and architectures when I walk through normally, it's fun*

Teatro Marcello

Piazza Campidoglio

Thre are 2 musium here though, today is off because of Monday.

Huge statue on the Piazza.

Monument a Vittorio Emanuele ll

Very huge!!!
It was hard work to walk up.

Italian icecream 3Euro.
Unnn,,, yummy~~~***

I walked on this stone road with eating icecream,

I fond huge architecture again.
S . Ignazio di Loyola

Walk through to east.

Here I am, Pantheon!!

Piazza d. Rotonda, in front of Pantheon.

Inside the Pantheon, we can't go inside if we ware not suitable clothes and prohibited to take a picture though, everybody were there even someone ware very short sleeve and bottom, and everybody are taking picture,

so this sign has no make sence.

Inside the Pantheon, there is no artificial light, this is just the natural light from outside on ceiling.

On the way back, I walk through Trevi fauntain.
A lot of people.

I bought this shaved lemon ice juice for 1.5Euro.
A little bit expensive consider about the quantity.

There are water surver like this everywhere in Roma, very cool wataer and everybody drink this, I also drink this water sometimes.
I don't need carry watar bottle, it's convenient :D

When I came back to home, Andrea already came back to home, we had a conversation and took a rest.
Today was a guraduation day of his friend, so I went to university with him.

I rode on his back, buiiiiii~.
Looked like a normal road though, the speed was 80km/h, very cool and fun though, it reminded me Thailand's road.
I think Japanese road was very good condition and rule.

We arrived at university and said hello to his friend,
we went to shop in university, Andrea bought the Italian coffee for me, 80cent.
It was a first time to drink Italian coffee for me, very deep taste and good*
Thank you Andrea~*

After university, we headed to a restaurant.

Andrea took me to nice restaurant***

First dishes, already yummy*

Fish and herb ball, and rice croquette.

Pizza capricciosa

Herb drink, the taste was like a medicine(?) after dinner.

Kindly Andrea paid the dinner for me~***
I respect him and I also wanna be like this person*
He is such a person who are enjoying his life very much.

Thank you so much, Andrea!

After dinner we went back to home once and changed to riding his car, we headed to a beach about 40min from Roma.

It was a party of graduated his friend, they went inside to sea looks cold, dancing with music, sleeping on the sand on seat.
I also brought my bathing suit though, it was cold for me so I didnt...

By the way, everyone can't speak English except Andrea, I also can't speak Italian, so just said Hi though, we don't need to say "Nice to meet you.".
Just say our each name and shake hund, that's all.
That was a new culture for me.

We came back to home very midnight, it was about 4am....

Well,,, we need sleep a lot...
It was a long day today~~~.
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04 Jul 2010

Sightseeing in Roma

I woke up at 7 am.
Andrea already went to work, so I ate a breakfast by myself.

This is a breakfast.
Very normal though, I like it*

I went out 9 am, let's go to sightseeing!

From Termini st. I rode on subway.
There is graffiti on their side.
But I can say there are a lot of graffiti in Roma city, it was a different from my Roma image than I expected.

To Colosseo by subway.

Big!!! Biiiiiiiiig!
I didn't miss where Colosseo is.

The entrance fee was 12 Euro, expensive!
A lot of people in line already though, I had a Roma pass, so I could go inside quickly.
I recommend this Roma pass!

This is underway of Colosseo.

Fighting suits.

Next, I headed to Foro Romano.

It was very hot day, and very tired though, I walked to Palatino.

Studium in Paratino.

When I was a high school student, I studied about Europe history though, I couldn't imagine at all at that time, just remember the name,, but if I had a story of history, it would be more interesting...

But,,,, my legs like a log...too much walking...
Moreover I wore denim,,, 2 times hot...
I can't walk, I don't wanna walk...but next day, Monday, a lot of sight be closed and Roma pass valid is 3 days, so I walked again to next sight.

Terme di Caracalla
This is a big bath place that 1600 people can take a bath together by Caracalla.

Ancient bath.

Wow,, this is bath floor.

Well, I visited Colosseo, Foro Romano and Terme di Caracalla under hot temperature, I felt pain on my legs and no power anymore.

Just I went back to Andrea's home and ate lasagna that Andrea said to me I can eat, then took a rest from 3 pm.
And then I woke up at 5 pm, I went out again for sightseeing.

Piazza di Spagna
It was smaller than I expected.

Fist time to eat Italian gelato in Italy, 2.5 Euro.

Fontana di Trevi

It was 7 pm.
Long day.

Let's go back to home.
...to be honest, I can't walk anymore, my legs was really like a log.

This is dinner Andrea made it for me.
Thank you Andrea*

After dinner, I did 1 hour Thai massage for him.
It was a first time to get a Thai massage for him also.
He really liked it and wanted to learn, I teach some though, already midnight.
I got his impression to my notebook, and then he went back to his room.

We slept in 2:30 am, midnight...
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03 Jul 2010

To Roma

I moved to empty 2 seart and slept on but I couldn't my leg straight so I couldn't sleep well.


I thought about that, I heared just a calm music and the light turned on.

This is a breakfast of Blue Panorama.

I arrived at 6:30am in Rome airport, I said good bye to Mattia, next seat, who go to Milano.

At passport control, he didn't ask me anything, just gave me a date stump.
It was easy to go inside Europe than I expected.
No return ticket check, no visa check.
I guess because of Japanese.

Next passport control place, a Thai girl stand there though, the control stuff asked her many question that she has enought money or where she stay.

Well, let's go to baggage claim.
Just I grabbed my west bag that I bought it in Chiang mai in 300B,,,


I don't buy a bag in Thailand anymore...
What is a Thai quality...

I took a picture with new Italian friend that we met at baggage claim, and then I went to railway station to city.

14 Euro from airport to Termini station.

Before ride, I have to get stump by stumping machine though, it was difficult to get a stump..!
I tried a few machine.

This is the train.

This is inside, very clean.

When I ride inside, a Italian man said to hi to me.
His name is Enrico(33:Italian), he sat down in front of me, we talked with something while in train.

About 30 min later, I got Termini st., I bought a Roma pass, 25Euro at Information counter.
Roma pass is good for tourist, 3 days valid, free public transport, free enter 2 sight, get discount other sight.

Although, the stuff of Rome are not friendly, I scared then a bit.

The Termini st. is very big and I lost first though, I went to phone company to buy SIM card.

10 Euro for SIM, including 5 Euro charge.
4 cent/1 min
Also I charged 10 Euro.
Total 20 Euro

I called to Andrea(35:Italian) who accept me as couch serfer.
He came to the staion to give me a room key.
He is working today.

I headed to Andrea's home by tram.
I had no idea where I am, so I asked the tram stop and kind old Italian man told me about the stop, he said "Here! Here is your stop! ride off!", so I rided off.
But it was a wrong stop...(lol)

I asked the local Italian girl to correct stop, I went back to 3 stop.
Finally I arrived at Andrea's home, he let me use very clean 1 room and bed, I impressed!
Just I took shower first and took a nap 1 hour, then I headed to Roma city.

I could ride a public transport with Roma pass though, I wanted to walk around first to know about the city, I walk walk walk...from Termini st.

Fountain in Piazza della Repubblica.

Walk, walk, walk,,,

A asian woman asked me "Do you speak English?".
I guessed she is Japanese, I asked her "Are you Japanese?".
She was Japanese, so we started talking in Japanese :)
She is Fukui(64) who lost the way, came to Roma with tour.
I checked the way by my map, she headed to opposit direction, so I took her correct way.(I was new here too though.)

Palazzo Barberini
She paid entrance fee 5 Euro for me, thank you!!

After that, we hung around together and took a rest at Mcdnaldo.
She paid the meal for me too, thank you very much :D

On evening, we met the other 2 Japanese women who were with tour, we went to cafe and took a rest again.

Freezing juice 4 Euro.

We tried to walk one sight to see though, it was started rain, we went inside to a restaurant.

This was first time to eat Italian dishes in Italy, very yummy***

The price was 8-10 Euro a each person.

I was lucky that I could meet them.
If I was by myself, I didn't go restaurant to eat.

Still not dark outside in 8pm.

We went to Santa Maria Maggiore after dinner, took a picture*

From there, we headed to Termini st. and I helped to get taxi for them (because they can't speak English well), I also went to back to Andrea's home.
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