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18 Jul 2010

To Milano

"oh, sorry!"
"Someone in the kitchen..."
"Wow, you are sleeping in the kitchen?"

I couldn't sleep last night because a lot of people came to the kitchen often...
Besides I couldn't turn the light off because if I turn the light off, fun also stop...
Moreover, in midnight, the window was opened suddenly and the strong wind came inside to kitchen to open all doors,,, I was very scared.

I thought nobody come to the kitchen midnight though, I couldn't sleep enought...

Ah, I want to leave Venezia as quick as possible!!!!

I wake up at 6:30 and took shower and packed my baggage.
It was past 7am though, nobody awake in hostel, so I just tell one staff thatI leave out.

It was rain outside.

I ware rain wear, walked to station.

There were not so much people in line in ticket counter, so I tryed to buy a ticket thre.

At first I wanted to ride the train from Venezia S.L to Mirano though, at that time was no train from Venezia S.L, so just there was from Venezia Mestre to Milano.
But the fee was 30.50Euro, all of them in a internet, so I thought the fee was same if I rode a train from Mestre.

But ticket seller, no smile on his face, said, "31.75Euro."

What!? Why!?!?

"The fee from Venezia S.L to Mestre is 1.25Euro, from Mestre to Milano is 30.50Euro."

Are you sure!?!?
I wanted to ride a train from Venezia S.L but no direct train at this time, but fee was same on the Internet!!

Should I have to pay??

It was bother, so I paid already though,,, I think I didn't need to pay though....

From a lot of reason, I don't like Venezia very much.
Too hot, expensive, easy to lost like in a maze, water color is green in canal, not so much beautiful and my host was bad...

Anyway, I rode a train From Venezia S.L to Mestre, 10min.

This is a first time to ride the train, Eurostar.
Venezia Mestre ~ Milano 30.50Euro.

Actually, I planed to ride a local train, half price of that though, the next host in Milano has a holiday just on weekend, so I decided to go Milano quickly.

This is inside.
Big table and there is a socket for power!!
But it's pity that I can't recline a chair though...

I had no time to see a scenary, just folled asleep.
I couldn't sleep last night and I couldn't had enough time to sleep these 3 days in Venezia...

I arrived at Milano station in 3 hours~.

Today's my host, Marco(34) who sent a message to me from his side, came to station to pick me up by his car, then we headed to his house.

kindly Marco made a lunch for me*
Simple but yummy, grazie!

We had a conversation about 1 hour, then he took me to Mountain by car :D

Como lake

Very beautiful~*

Next we went to the Grigna mountain.

Very good weather, nature is very shiney*

But I came here by flip flap and skert, so it's a bit difficult to walk up to the mountain though..


There is a rocks like a kissing*

Feeling sooooo gooooood~!

After Marco, I followed him.

Took a picture by self timer*

We went down a mountain and took a rest.
Ice cream 2Euro

Here is a tourist place, so very small and expensive(>_<)

We headed to next viewpoint :D

Great landscape*

We went back to house, kindly Marco made another pasta for me.

After pasta, he cutted pineapple for desert and then,


Lemon peer with alchole and sugar long time?
This is for after meal.

At night, he gave me many information for traveling Europe.
Today was finished.

Ah, today was 100 times better than Venezia~***

Arigato, Marco!
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17 Jul 2010

To Verona

There is a big festival in Venezia today, I explore around but I couldn't find the mood, I felt tired so I decided to go to Verona.

I bought a ticket by vending machine using credit card this time.
Venezia - Verona 6.15Euro

It's cheap local train, this is inside.
But no A/C, soooooo hot!!!

Then I arrived at Verona in 1.5 hours.

Nuova gate

Gate of Piazza Bra


Via Mazzini

Piazza Erbe

Piazza Signori

Well, the purpose of visit Verona is...

wow,,, around the gate, there are a lot of the paper of wish of love.

Casa di Giulietta
Romeo and Juliet's Julietta' house!

There are a lot of people though...

Thre is a statue of Julietta,

to taching her right breast, we can get happyness marriage, yes I came here to do it :D

Everybody touched her right breast and took picture.

I touched her right breast too*
I wish I can get happyness marriage***

But I felt sorry about the a lot of graffity on the gate.
That's a wish though, I don't understand why they wrote here..


It was a great view from the castle~*

Italian ice cream 2Euro, I headed to a station.

I bought the ticket by vending machine with credit card though, the tain's looks very nice and good A/C, but super slow train...
It was a 1.5 hr from Venezia to Verona but this time was 2.5hr from Verona to Venezia...

Eventually, I arrived at Venezia at 10pm,

I ate this brack pasta for dinner today.

Well, talking about my bed tonight,,,I'm using couch surfing in Venezia too though, I had to move every night...

It was not confortable and it was totally different from I heard and he is writing on his profile.
I don't know where I can sleep until on time, and also I have to put my baggage on baggage strage space always...

There were something unconfortable things, so I decided to move today though, he said today is a big festival of Venezia(he wanted to keep me for massage and expect something.), I also felt not good thing,,, I dissapointed...

So tonight bed is PC room first but after 1 hour I had to move to kitchen.
He said I can get a A/C room today, but it's never happened...

So I'm staying here for free, I shoudn't say complain though, I did 2 hours massage that value is 120Eueo for him, just I wanted to write about my mind.

Well, eventually, problem is a character not the place I sleep...

Yeah, I leave tomorrow!
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16 Jul 2010

Too hot!!

My couch host, Lapo(38) is a manager of hostel, he gave me girl's dormitory for 4 people with A/C last night though, still a little bit hot.

Well, I hung around Venezia today too...

I started to walking but too hot to hung around, it was like in a oven.

I fond a shade and took this picture.

When I went to Piazza Roma, I fond a bus to Mirano!?

Wow, there is a bus to Mirano!!
I asked it about driver, he said "Mirano? or Milano?"


I showed him a map and I pointed Milano...

Wow, that's a different!!!

Very confusing!!

If I took the bus, I went to somewhere not Milano!
I have to pay attension about the spell!

I contenuewed to walk though,,, too hot to walk...

Ice 1.3 Euro, I ate it on the park sitting under shade.

After ate, I walked again,,,, it's crazy hot~~~(>_<)

Frozen orange 1.7 Euro, and walked again.

This is a Venezia.

Well,,, super hot hot hot,,, I have never felt this hot temperature before, it's hotter than India and Thailand... I will be fry, so I slept some time at a bench of university I fond.

Super crazy hot~~~~~~(>_<)

I don't need sightseeing because of hot.

Moreover, Venezia is maze, I lost many times,,,it got my motivation off...

But Venezia is famous for Carnival of this,

like this,

like this shop on the Venezia, it was fun though.

A cool church gate.

Gondora on a water way.

This is today's dinner, seafood*

Well then, the room for tonight for me was big room but broken door, no key at bath room, no A/C no fan,,,, very hot room...

But this is a free room, so I don't say anyting!!!

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15 Jul 2010

To Venezia

Well, today I move to Venezia.

I said good bye and went to train station.

Firenze SMN to next station, 5min.
This is a local line.

I fond Japanese boy at the next station, I talked to him and we sitted down next seat.
I forgot to take the train picture though,
13:40発 16:49着 Train Intercity 588
Firenze Rifredi~Venezia S.Lucia


Then we arrived at Venezia station.

This is a sight in front of station.

I said good bye to Japanese boy, then I met the person, Lapo who accepted me as couch surfer.

He is a manager of hostel, he was very busy, so just he gave me a map and information, I walked around by myself*

I came to Venazia~*

Icecream 2Euro

Pizza 2.5Euro


Piazza San Marco

Basillica di San Marco


Palazzo Ducale

But Venezia is like a maze, so I gotlost many times...!

At 9pm, I went to meet Lapo, he was eating his dinner, so he gave me some :)

Well, today just I slept 3 hours, so much sleepy...Good night.
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14 Jul 2010

To Pisa

My host, Antonio are working in weekday, I went out with him, and visited his office.

Just let me used Internet a few hours, I decided to go Pisa.

I rode a bus to Firenze S.M.N station.

And I bought the train ticket to Pisa by vending machine though, it was my fault...
The ticket was 5.8Euro, but I paid 20Euro, but I couldn't get a change from the machine...!!! (>_<)

I was panicked and I tried to find a stuff of station though, there was no person like that...just I saw my hand, I fond 2 tickets.

Why? What's this??

I checked it, one of the ticket, it was showed a price of change.
Maybe I can get the change somewhere.

I headed to tourist information, they are always no smile, they said to me just one direction.
I run to there, I fond a looooooong line.
I guess, around 60 people...
I never imagined it...

It was a ticket counter though, I thought Italian railway office is worse than India...
(In India, also a lot of people were in line, everywhere.)

I can't get the change soon, so just I looked for automatic machine that I can get a change though, there was no like that.
What a poor Italian railway system....!!!!

I asked about changing at Tavacci but they didn't accept, then I fond another ticket counter not so much line, and I was in line 10 min. though, they declined my offer and just said "Go to main ticket office counter."....So sad...
I think, there are a lot of NOT friendly people who are working in like this kind of job, espesially women...
I really was depressed a lot of time in Italy...

There was no way, so just I was in end of the super long line.
If I didn't buy the ticket by vendingmachine, I could ride on a train already....(I wanna cry...)

The line was move to move slowly, in 30 min. I could get the change.
I wonder what the role of the vending machine?
What's this system in Italy? That is super UNconvenient...

Then I run strait to a train that I thought I can ride on!!

Yeah, I can ride on...!!!

I junped to ride on a train, just the door closed quickly in front of my face.

OPEN!! Please open the door for me~~~!!!!!!

The train run away to Pisa...(Cry)

If I bought the ticket at Tabacci...

I waited 20 min, then I rode the next train.

Yes, just I need is sitting on the seat.

...a ticket checker came to check the ticket, I showed it.


(When we ride on a train, we have to print the date on a ticket before riding in Italy.)

Iguessed I have to pay 60 Euro for fine from guidebook...(>_<)

"I'm sorry, I didn't know that..."

Ticket checker woman, with no smile on her face, said "Ok, you pay 5 Euro".

It was better than I expected though, so I paid extra 5 Euro for fine...(Cry)

This is the fine receipt and the ticket for Pisa...

It's a 5.8 Euro from Firenze to Pisa, and extra 5 Euro for fine,,, it was damage for me...(CryCryCry...)

But it seemd some tourist from other country like me, they also didn't know about validation, they paid the fine too...

I arrieved at Pisa in 1 hour with depressing.
I got a map of Pisa at tourist information, then I walked to main piazza 20min. under strong sun.

Torre pendente
It didn't lean so much than I expected.

Duomo in Pisa

I took this picture for comparing about leaning.

Italian ice cream 2Euro, I bought it a bit far place from main tourist sight though, the sales woman, middle age, her face had no smile, not friendly, so I was depressed from her atitude again.

I wonder why there are a lot of people who are not friendly in Italy...?(especially woman who are working in a public place.)
I'm always smiling.

Terme romane - Bagni di Nerone
This is a bath in Roman era.

Palazzo dei Cavalieri

I walked through on the bridge.
There was no shade, very hot...my head with black hair was like a burning...

Chiesa de S. Maria della Spina

Murale Keith Haring

That's all I did in Pisa for sightseeing.

I bought the return ticket at Tabacci at this time, I got validation at this time.

I returned to Firenze, in bargain season now in Italy, I bought something at a shop, then I headed to bus station.

Can you guess?
I could see the bus but it was very narrow road, the other tourist bus couldn't move to right way, so we had to wait to ride, moreover the bus didn't move soon, just stopped at bus stop in 20 min., we were standing up inside bus, in hot temperature...

Today is not my day...(I wanna cry.)

I arrived at the design production office where Antonio is working, I called and send a SMS him to open a door for me though, he was very busy for meeting, so just I hunged around his office with no idea.

Well, I'm a lucky person almost days, so sometimes I get unfortunate day for make a balance,,, hahahahaha~.(smile!)

Then I could go inside to his office, I said Ciao to his colleagues, I was sitting down on a desk like a normal staff for using Internet by my laptop.

Actually, Antonio are very busy at this term for tomorrow's important project.
At the same time he accepted me as couch surfer and took care of me very much after working everyday, I really appreciate him!!!!!!

Antonio took me to trattria near his office for dinner*

Super yummy, yummy, yummmmmmmmmmmmmy~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!
I love cheese and hum very much!!!!!!!!!!!

Pizza margherita

A little bit big though, for each us.
Dinner was 33 Euro for 2 person.

This is!! This is it what I wanted to eat~~~~~!!!!!!!
Very simple pizza but incredible tomato sauce and cheese~~~********
Antonio said this pizza is best in a Italy, I agree with it strongly!!

I'm very happy~*
That's the best moment when I am eating delicious dishes*

After dinner we went back to his office, and he worked very much until 11:30, I was just writing a blog near his desk though, we headed to his friend's birthday party for 1 hour.
It looked like a TV drama, Bevely hills 90210, with a big pool.

And we went back to home.

Today was a last day I stay in his home, so I did Thai massage for 1 hour, we slept at 4am.

Ah, we didn't have much time to stay with though, I really enjoyed a conversation, dinner with him...! :D:D:D

Grazie mile, Antonio!!!
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I'd be so happy when you buy something on Amazon from here :D

I appreciate your donation for ice cream :D

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