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15 Nov 2010

Joinning radio

I will join a live radio program in Hua Hin, Thailand today as guest!
3pm in Thailand, 9am in Europe, 5pm in Japan, you can listen it in web site as well!
Hua hin Skyweb 98.5FM


I'm nervous already!!(>_<)
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02 Jul 2010

My backpack was broken

The bus arrived at Mochit Bus station on 7:30 am.
But it was strong rain outside.

I got my backpack from baggage storage, and went to bench.
I can't move anywhere because of strong rain.
Even if I move to somewhere, many shop haven't open yet on 8 am, so just I slept in the bench with my backpack as pirrow.

After 3 hours sleeping, it was 10am, and rain was almost stopped.
I carried my backpack and went to city bus station.

I asked which bus go to central at the ticket seller, they said 536(11B) and I rode in though, the bus didn't go to central, I had to change bus 38(11B) again at Victory monument.

I guess there is a bus going to central directly, so I should have asked a few people not just 1 person.
The ticket seller don't know about the bus route sometimes.

Well, let's change the bus...and I carried my backpack though,,,BEEEEE!!!!




What's that sound...I guess....


My backpack's main belt is broken!!!!!

I can't believe this...
I bought this backpack 3 weeks ago in Bangkok and just I carried it 2 days...(>_<)
To make matters worse, this belt cloth is so hard and I can't sew it by myself...oh no...

I looked for somewhere they can sew this though, I couldn't find a shop, just I rode on next bus...

So shocked....

Many people who bought backpack in Bangkok said the back was broken easily though...my one was so fast to break.....
Is this a value of 800B's bag?? (about 25US$)
I expected that I can use this in Europe...

I rode off bus and went inside to Pratunum fashio mall, I fond a bag shop.
I wanted to buy expensive and good one though, I don't know where a real brand shop is..

Moreover everybody said "Isetan is still closed". (Japanese department store.)
Just I checked some bags and I showed shop seller my broken bag.
She said "This bag is OK, because the sewing line is small, you know? Your one's sewing line is big. That's why this one is stronger than yours!"

ummm,,, certainly.
My one's sewing line was big that it couldn't stand the heavy weight.
That's true small sewing line is good to stand...

"How much is this?"

I lost my intension to buy.

"I see,, I go another shop to see around.."
"Wait! How much you want?"
"No, it's impossible! Ok, I give you 1000B. Good price huh?"

But just I can pay 800B to cheap and low quality one...
Certainly the sewing line is small though..
Should I tell her 900B..?

"No thank you. I go another shop.."

Suddenly the boss said from behind.

"800B, OK"

Hahaha,,, I won.

Before pay, I moved my stuff from old one to new one, and carried on my back.
I'm scared to break again though, maybe it's ok because of small sewing line.
It'll be hard work to sewing the broke one, let's buy.

Left one is new bag, The North Face(Fake) 800B(25US$)
Right one is broken one, Douter's...
Let's will see..

Please don't break soon~~~!!!
If it's broke, I'll buy good one in Europe...

I have some friends in Bangkok, so I thought we can meet but they are busy on weekday, I couldn't meet anybody.

I walked from central to Victroy monument with my heavy backpack, I rode on mini bus(40B) to go to airport.

On 23:00, I rodo on Blue panorama airline to Roma.
My next seat, Mattia(25:Italian) was funny person, we had a good conversation.

This is a plane meal.
I thought the meal was not free but it was free.
But the taste was.....not...

There are a lot of empty seat and light was turned off soon after dinner, I changed my seat to empty one and slept in.
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01 Jul 2010

Birthday party

Today was a Mr. Pedro(37:BJJ teacher)'s birthday party in the gym.
Pedro invited us.

Everybody brought something to party on the Brazil flag table*

This was a birthday party for Pedro but also farewell party for me a bit :D

When Pass(19:Thai), member of gym, arrived the party, he gave a present for us!

The presents were charm and cloth***

I got the Ganesh!
When I went to India, I also got a Ganesh though, I got today too!
It promise me good travel***

Thank you very much Pass!!

We enjoyed the party meal and drink with good conversation.

There are some people we meet today first time, so we made a circle and introduced by ourself.

But I had to leave soon because of Bus time.
Just I introduced about me quickly and ask everyone to take a picture!

Whee! I love you guys***

The party was started from 8pm though, just I left gym 15 minutes before 10pm.
Gun(21:Thai) kindly took me to bus station by his bike.
Thank you Gun!

I arrived the bus station a few minutes before they leave.
Chiang mai - Bangkok 605B
My favorite bus, Nakhon chai air*

I got a water bottle, snack, juice and sandwich from bus.(free)

Just I slept in with listening to music though,,,,someone wake up me!?!?

I was surprised but it was a police (or army?).
Just I showed them my passport, nothing special was happened..
I rode the bus many times but this was first time like this thing was happened.

Then I slept in....
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30 Jun 2010

I'm on Thai magazine

I was interviewed 2 months ago, and the magazine was released already!

The No.1 Women's Guide to Beauty & Health (in Thailand)


My pictures are topmost 4 pictures and rightside one.
Actually, every pictures were be mine though, I got injury on my foot at that time, so the magazine stuff was thrown instead of me...

Anyway, I'm on magazine in Thailand, whee***

...By the way, I bought a flight ticket Bangkok - Roma in 550 Euro though, just I got notice e-mail from the airline for changing flight time.
So just I checked the price again as same time same day,,,

To be surprised,,,, the price was turned to 350 Euro!?!?


200 Euro cheaper than I bought!!!!!!

At first I thought it's a miss of web system though, I search it many times,,,, still 350 Euro...
Moreover, my ticket is LCC ticket that I can't cancel and buy new one...
I tried to call to call center in Italy but just it's saying the auomatic information many time...

If I knew I could buy the ticket so cheap, I didnt need hurry to buy the ticket earlier~~~(>_<)

Give me back my 200 Euro~~~!!!

But...I thought 550 Euro is still cheap though, 350 Euro from Bangkok to Roma for 4 months ticket is super cheap.....

Awesome blu-express!!

...I hope I will be able to go to Roma safely.
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17 Jun 2010

Making leather product

"I'm gonna go to my friend's shop though, do you wanna come with me?"

I got the SMS.

The message came from Ake(39:Thai, leather craftsman) who met me by chance in a leather shop that I went there yesterday to buy some stuff for sewing.

"Yes, I'll go!"

He came to pick me up on his bike and he took me his friend's, Nu(40:famous leather craftsman in Chiang mai), leather shop in Mae cho.

This is the shop.

I wanted to learn how to make a leather stuff.
When I met Ake yesterday, I talked about that, he kindly introduced his friend, Nu, as teacher for free.

So, let's get started Nu's leather product making course!

At first, make a pattern and draw the line on a leather.
Then cut the round by cutter, make the leather soft by water.

Curve a drawing by tool on wet leather.

Paint a color by lether color.

After painting, cut around as same as pattern by cutter.

Use glue.

Attach the lether and leather together.
After attaching, make the edge soft by nail.

Make a hole to sewing point.

sew in back stitch.
The first and last stitch, sew 2 times.

Attach a button by hammer.

This is a case for lighter though, I don't smoke, so I use this for coin case :D

When I was going to pay for material, Mr. Nu presented it for me!!
Thank you very much, Mr. Nu and Mr. Ake!!

This is Mr. Nu, cool!
He don't sell his products, just he get order.

This is a dinner, Pad Thai.

Thus, one of my dream came true.
Thanks for all.
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