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01 Jun 2010

Sue's travel diary

I've traveled Thailand, Laos, India, Indonesia and Malaysia at past blog in 1st Jun. 2009 to 31st May 2010.

But I went back to Japan for my friend's wedding party.
It was already 7 months past when I leaved Japan.

I and my mom made me like a Thai princess for wedding party.
A bride, my friend, liked my looks so beautiful, I was happy with them.

I got the bouquet from a bride!
I wish next bride will be me!
So I have to find a boy friend first though.

I also made a small bag by myself by grandma's sewing machine.
Tha material I used is Kimono's Obi for showing Japanese culture :)

This is inside and detail.
I'm happy to be able to made this by myself***

Besides, I made a T-shirts by myself too.
These illstrations are my drawings by computer.
I wear these T-shirt when I travel around.
That's a good advertising too, right? =D

I ate Sushi and Gyudon, met a best friend, and then just I packed my small baggage to small backpack, I'm leaving to travel around again!

I hope I'll be able to make a lot of friends as before.

Let's go to the world!
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