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28 Oct 2010

Good bye Europe

Today is the last day in Europe...
I stay in Roma around 2weeks but there are still a lot of place to go though, I go to shopping mall today!

To EUR Palasport by metro, then I took a bus 777.
In 3 bus stop, I got big shopping mall, Euroma2~!


This is a huge building the color is brown.

Walk, walk, hung around mall.

I bought these at super market.
Italian sweet,
Swiss chocolate,
wipe sponge,

I took bus again, then metro and tram, I came back to home,

Andrea cooked dinner for me!

Then Andrea took me to airport kindly.
Andrea hosted me 12nights actually though, I said a lot of thank and good bye.

If I don't use couch surfing, I never met him, but he let me use his house as real home, I can't thank you enough!!!!!

I arrived at airport, checked-in and passport control.

At passport control, the person didn't give me a stamp so I said "Give me a stamp!!", then he gave it to me.

What for I've checked my staying days in Schengen area so far...
Italy is really easygoing country...
(If they didn't give the stamp, I can't come inside Europe never..)

Then the plane dep time was 10pm was got delay 1hr...when the plane take off, some strage box cover above our head were opened...I worried about some baggage be falled down...anyway the plane took off.(Airline of Italy...)

Not yummy flight meal even I wonder it's a meal for human.

Breakfast is fine.

....whoa~~~, my 4 months travel in Eurpe was ended finally....
Just 4 months is not enough for Europe as very big!!!
But come to think of it, I never expected I could travel around Europe by couch surfing, almost 100%!!

Many my host said to me, "you can stay here more", "you can move here", "you can work here",,, I was very happy..!
But I can stay in Schengen area just 90 days... but also I traveled 23 countries..!!

I just had a few Europian friends before Europe though, I met various people every day, I ate various cuisine a lot, I visited many museums, I got a lot of inspiration....
I am really glad to come to Europe~~~~***

Thank my host, thank everyone I met!!

My Europe travel is ended.

I enjoyed a loooooooot XD
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