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26 Oct 2010

Hung around Roma

Andrea prepared a breakfast for me*
Grazie, Andrea!

Well,,, it's rain today from morning...
Ok, fine.

I confirm my flight and do Internet.

When I was in home until noon, Andrea came back to home from work once,

He cooked pasta for me~*
Grazie mile, Andrea~***

Weather was getting better from afternoon, so I go out for sight seeing :D



I hung around Roma after 4months though, there are interesting archtecture a lot here, so interesting city.

When I came here first time, I thought "This is Europe..!" though, now I know there are much sight than the other place.

Well, weather is not so nice, so shall I go to museum??
Oh, I wanted to go a place.

Walk, walk.

Santa Maria Immacolata Concezione

To be surprise, there is aweson room that decolated by 4000 monk's bones..!!!

I entered the room,,,

What a aweson...

What a scary beautiful...

It's like a great art, beautiful.

Yeah, well, thinking of Italian way is aweson...

Actually, it's prohibited to take a picture inside, so please search it in google if you want to see the picture ;)

Next I walk on "Villa Borghese".

Goethe's statue.

Some object on the park.

When I walked around the park, I came to "Monte Pincio" somehow,

wooow, nice view with sunset!!! :D

Whoa~~~, Roma***

But the weather is getting worse..?

walk, walk.

Piazza del poporo

Gate of poporo

Oops, it's starting rain, so I went back to home.

Andrea said "Why don't we eat pizza for dinner?"
Of course I agree with it~~~***

Italian red beer with nice smell.

Italian ham, delisious melone and olive in fryed ball*


I satisfied he took me to unexpensive and good restaurant***
Grazie, Andrea!!

We went back to home and I slept without write blog.
These days I am writing blog in a morning.
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