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25 Oct 2010

Go back to Roma

I ate light breakfast and I still had a time to train,
Andrea played piano and sing a song for me~*

Very beautiful voice and I'm impressed!
It's like a professional :D

Well then it was time to train, I said thank and good bye to Andrea, then I head to train station by metro.

I bought a ticket by vending machine.

Napoli~Roma 10.50Euro

I ride on a train, dep 12.34.

Buuuuuut,,,,, shoooooot!!!!
I forgot to validate a ticket by printing date machine..!!!!(>_<)

In Italy, we have to validate the ticket before riding!!!
I totally forgot it!!!

When ticket man came to my coach, just I wrote in a date by myself by pen.

Please, please don't take fine~~~!!

The ticket man saw my ticket, he said "You have to print before riding, this is not working"

Oh,,,I wrote a date by myself... it is not work...?

But just I pretend I don't know about anything, I'm just a innocent Japanese tourist,,, so he forgive me. Yeah ;D

If a passenger forgot to validate, they take fine from 5Euro to 60Euro...I don't like this system...I bought a ticket correctly before riding...

In 3 hours, I arrived at Termini station of Roma.

Whoa~~~, finally I came back to Roma...!!
Almost my Europe trip is ended....

Andrea who hosted me 4months ago in Roma came to station to pick me up by bike.

"Long time no see~~~!!"

Then we head to home.

On the way home, I found a car parked just beside of a car, in normal street.
Oh, Roma...

We arrived at home and put my baggege, then

Andrea served me Mozzarella and Tomato~~~***

I love mozzarella cheese very much!!!

I asked teaching Salsa as Andrea is a salsa teacher as well.

He taught me 4 month ago but I forgot everything...
It'd be cool if I can dance salsa..!

I wrote blog tonight finally, then I went to bed at 3am.
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