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24 Oct 2010

Castel Sant'Elmo

I was soooo tired these days, so I didn't write blog these days, I write blog this morning.

Well, I go to sight seeing from afternoon.

I head to Castle Sant'Elmo Andrea suggested as panoramic view of Napoli.

But it's starting rain...

I wear rain-wear, then walk walk.

Ummmm, what about panoramic view under rain...?
No one on a stret.
Well, anyway I go.

I arrived at "Castel Sant'Elmo".

Still rain, what should I do..?

I headed to ticket office, I found a Japanese man walking from castle.

Oh, let's ask him about a view under rain.

"Are you Japanese? how was inside..?"

"Wow, why you know I'm Japanese! Many people think me Chinese"

Yeah, actually, Japanese people is very strange people, you know.
Good looking wearing, walking slowly under rain without umbrella, it's nothing but a starange Japanese(lol).

Nakamura(39) showed me some pictures at under roof, in few minutes a rain is stopped, so I go inside the castle with Nakamura.
Entrance fee is 5Euro.

Wooooow! Great panoramic view~~~!!!

I asked Nakamura taking a picture of me*

Me :D

Then we tryed to go to pizza restaurant to eat pizza though, it was closed as Sunday..!!

Instead of Pizza,
we ate a cake for dessert like a breast, 2.50Euro.

Napoli is dirty city though, food is yummy and a lot of people has a good sence of fashion.
It's a mystery.

Then we said good-bye and I went back to home.

Andrea was in home already, I did Thai massage for him before dinner.
Then Andrea ordered a pizza~~~~***

He said this is not best pizza in Napoli though, this is best pizza I have eaten in Napoli!!

Grazie Andrea :D
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