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22 Oct 2010


I woke up at 7:30am, and took shower.

This is the view from Ves's terras.

I ate very light breakfast, then I went out home at 8:40 with him who going to work.

Well, I go to sea port taking safe street.

Walk, walk.

This is still clean street.

I say many times though, Napoli is really dirty.
India of Europe, it is the Italy.
Colkata of Italy, it is the Napoli.

Everyone across a road even a car is coming.
No rule city, it is the Napoli.

Church on the way.

Well, I arrived at port and I dashed ticket counter as next boat leave soon.

Napoli~ Capri 16Euro one-way

What a expensive.
But I wanna see the Blue carve(Grotta Azzurra), so I go to Capri!

I rode on a ferry~.
Rough wave makes me sick...

I arrioved at Capri in 1 hr~*

Well then, let's buy the ticket of Grotta Azzurra, Blue cave,,,,

"Because the sea is rough, No service to the blue grotto"

...I saw the sign.

W, WHAT!?!?!?

Hey~~~!!!! Wait a minute~!!!!
I came here for Blue cave, please don't say such a thing~~!!!(>_<)

When I asked about it at a ticket counter, yesterday also closed the Blue cave.

No way~, no way~....
I never expect that...

But anyway I will find a way, no time to dissapointed.
Let's hung around the Capri island!

I rode on a funicorale to Capri town, 1.40Euro

Wow~, nice view~ :D

I got a free map of Capri island, let's hung around~!

I walk, walk on a small street.

Then a front view was suddenly opened.

Belvedere Cannone

Wooooooow!!!! What a beautiful~~~!!!!

I feel so good and took some rest here :D
No one here, very quiet.

Well, where do I go next?

I looked at map and go back to town center once.


I walk on a small street rumdomly.

Walk, walk.

Walk, walk.

Come to think of it, it seems no transport in this narrow street but walking...

Oh, there is a special transport!
This is the transport for local people~.

Walk, walk.

In 40min walking...

I arrived at the eastern part of Capri,
Villa Jovis~!
Entrance fee 2Euro

Like these.

Well next, I walk on a mountain road to go back~.

Walk, walk.

Walk, walk.

I am always walking by flip flap.
If you working on a flip flap company, it'd be great advertisement if you be a sponser for me!(lol)

Well, I walked down a mountain, I feel hungry though, I guess everything are expensive as here resort place,,, so I eat biscuit,,,

Hey! I fond some people taking pizza box!!

Ves told me yesterday though, if we eat pizza on a table is expensive but take away is cheap!

Yeah, let's try!!

I walked few minutes, I found a restaurant on a pizza box.

"Ciao~! How much a margerita for take away?"


What a cheap!!!

"I take it~*"

Just I went to toilet while I ordered, in 5 min the pizza was done.

This is it.
Big box.
I open a box with excited...

Just now burned 30cm pizza!!!!
I'm happy this is just 3.50Euro~~~***

When I was eating the pizza on a bench, many people saw me and said "Bonapetito!" with smile.
I reply "Grazie" with smile.

I'm very happy~***

Incidentally, it's 30cm pizza but a base is very thin, so I can eat everything if my stomach is very small :D

Well next, I walk to other sight.

Acro Naturale

Whoa~~, beautiful*

Well next, I thought to see a cave though, I couldn't find a street, so I go back to town center and let's go to next town.

I take bus to Anacapri, next town, 1.40Euro

This is Anacapri.

Well next, I take chair lift to top of a mountain~!!
Round ticket 9Euro.

Great feeling and super view~~~!!!!
I like this chair lift very much~~~!!!!

There is also walk way to "Monte Solaro" though, the way is behind of lift, so taking lift is much better view!!
Feeling like flying!!! :D:D:D

View from top.
What a good feeling~*

Then I go back by chair lift again though,
Gabbage box on a lift(lol).

I couldn't go Blue cave today though, instead of that I walked around the Capri island about 15~20km today, so I enjoyed here very much :D

If I go to Capri island for Blue cave next time, I call this number first.
Tourist information.
081 837 837 0686
081 837 837 0634

I took a bus from Anacapri to Marina grande, 1.40Euro.

I go back to Napoli at 18:10pm by ferry, 16Euro.

Then I go back to Ves's house to pick my baggage up.
Actually I planed staying Ves's place for 2 nights though, the light on a bath room is broken, and also next host said to me I can go from tonithg, so I decided moving.

It was already dark, so I thought I move soon though, Ves prepared a pasta for dinner,
I ate tomato pasta.

I said thank and went out, then I walk to next host's house.

Come to think of it,,,, I'm walking on a street at 9pm in Napoli,,, even it's a big and lighted street....

Well, actually, Italian people likes go out at night, and I'm taking busy street so I don't feel danger.
When I was in Barcelona, it was same.
Talking about safety, it's safer than I expected before I come to Europe.

Then I arrived at Andrea(41)'s house at 9:40pm~.

When I entered his house,,,

Wide room, piano, good faniture, picture on a wall,,,

"This is your room"
"Oh, thank you"

seems like a palace...

I finally,,,, came,,,,

Mafia's house~!!!

No, it's just a joke :P
But I'm impressed I can stay like a palace room***
I'm a princess~***

Andrea try to take me out for dinner though, I already ate pasta at Ves's house,,, I'm full...

"So what do you want to eat?" he asked, so I want to take a dessert,


Then he took me to show a great night view of Napoli :D
Soooo impressed***

We went back to home and I did Thai massage for him.

Ah~, today was long day and enjoyed very much as well~ XD

Woow, today I put 47 pictures!
I'm impressed by myself~ :D
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