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20 Oct 2010


To Airport 3Euro

To Menorca by Vueling, round ticket 86.50Euro

I arrived at Menorca at noon.

You know, I'm the best collecter of mayonnaise, so I came here for myonnaise~!

To Mahon(Mao) by bus, 1.60Euro

Here is a resort island.

At first I went a market to find a mayo, but just I found Mayonnaise from Sevilla.
I bought these from super market.

I asked about Mahon mayonnaise to shop keeper though, there is no product by Mahon, they don't make mayo for selling here.
Here Mahon is the place of origine of mayonnaise though..!!

This is lunch 12Euro
Pig ear, fish and ice cream.

Mahon is small city, so I go to Ciutadella from now.
But I had to wait for next bus, so I try hitch-hiking!

A kind man stopped in 3 min when I tred, yeah :D

His name was Angel(45:Sevillan), he was such a nice man to take me show around on the way!

Indian rock, can you see it is Indian's left face?

He kindly took me to El Toro, the highest mountain in Menorca!
What a awesome, nice view!! :D

Then he doropped me off on the way, I try next car for Hitch-hiking!
Next car stopped for me in 3min again*

He is from Menorca, local man, so I asked about Mayonnaise, what he make it in home.
Oil, whole egg and salt, then mix.

Then I got at Ciutadella, opposite city in Menorca.

This is old city, I hunged around 1.5hours.

I thought trying hitch-hiking to Mahon again though, the bus was coming in good timing, so I took bus for return to Mahon.
The fee was 4.55Euro, wow expensive!

Then I arrived at Mahon, I went to museum of Menorca untill time to Airport.

Entrance fee was 1.10Euro though, nice museum.
But no information about Mayonnnaise though.

I took bus to airport, then I went to tourist information and asked about mayonnaise.
The stuff said, no information about mayonnaise, but 1month ago there was a conpetition of making mayonnaise! and also last year as well.
Maybe next year as well...?
They still not sure.

And I asked him again how to make mayonnaise.
Sunflower oil, egg and salt.
Olive oil is too strong taste, he said. Yeah~, I agree with that.
And about vinegar, someone use a little, someone doesn't use.
Good information for me :)
There was worth for coming here for me, even it was just 1 day though.

When I hunged around in airport, I found a big bread, Agnesa and Albert said yesterday.

For souvenir 13Euro

A plane arrived at Barcelona midnight, so I rode on the last train to go back home.

I arrived at past 12am, there were other 2 couch surfers from Greece.

Agnesa served this dinner for me*
I love mussles so much~~!!!!
Gracies, Agnesa :D

Then I took shower and looked for next couch host on the bed, it was already 4am..
My avarage of going to sleep is around 3~4am everyday...so late..

Tomorrow I wake up at 7am.
Let's sleep.

(I wrote this English blog next morning on a plane actually.)
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