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12 Oct 2010

To Barcelona

The bus deperted from Lisbon at 9pm, and arrived Madrid at 6:30am.

When I went to ticket counter to buy a ticket, I found there are 7am, 9am, every 2hours bus to Barcelona, so I wanna ride on 7am one!

Buuuut, it was full,,, so just I could buy 1pm one..No~~~...

My plan was 9am and arrive Barcelona 5am though, I will arrive there 10pm....oh no...

But there is no option, so I have to ride this.

The ticket price Madrid to Barcelona 25.52Euro

There are half day free time though, I couldn't sleep well of course, so sleepy,

I slept on a bench 4 hours.

Every 1hr, a police came to look around, so here is not dengerous place to sleep(lol).
Finally it was 1pm, I rode on a bus, so let's go to Barcelona~!! ....the bus didn't start in 30min..
What a Spanish bus....

The bus run on this road, finally I arrived at Barcelona at 10pm~!!!

I went Agnesa and Albelt's house who saved me from last minute group of couch surfing.
They served me dinner~~~waaaaai :D:D:D

Well,,, I was on a bus almost 24hrs from last night, it made me sooo tired~...
Sleepy crazy...
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