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10 Oct 2010


My host, Carlos is busy as work, I sent a contact other couch surfer David(40:English) who sent a message first about host me from last minute group.(I declined it as he was second though.)
So he show me around city.

I head to center.

This is a walk way, cool*

I got at Rossio place.

I met David here and shaked hand with smile.
He show me around though,, I had no idea where I can go, so just we hunged around.

Praca do Comercio

Not good weather~...

David said he cook for lunch in his house, so
we rode on a tram to go to David's house.

Actually, he was second person who sent me a message when I posted last minute couch on group though, I surprised his house was so small...and artistic..
I wondered where is a place to couch surfer..?

But anyway, David is good person.

David cooked this for me.
Thank you :)

We went out and walking around narrow road.

There are many steep road.

Lisbon town.

David took me a bar we can listen Fado.
It was sounds sad songs.

I said thank you to David and went back to Carlos's house.

Carlos cooked dinner~***
Obrigado, Carlos!!

But I hunged around with David though, we didn't go touristic place...
When I talked about today's story to Carols, Carlos suggested me other place, so I hung around other area by myaself!

I was soooo tired today, go to bed quickly..
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