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09 Oct 2010

To Lisbon

I woke up at 7:20am, then prepared baggage and went out from home.
I walked to metro station and rode on metro at 8am safely.

Whoa~, today I have enought time to a bus station~.

The deperture time of the bus to Lisbon is 9:30am.

I have enough time to change station, so just sleep a while...zzz..

On the way, I awoke.

Unn,,, where is this station..?


huh?? ah...

I'm riding a metro opposite direction~~~!!! (>_<)

I rode off quickly without any thinking, I run to opposite platform quickly!

Why I took wrong way~~!!

But I shold be fine...?

I check a bording time of a bus.

The deperture time is 9:30.
Yeah, it'll be fine..

Just I granced a word bottom of a ticket.

"Boarding is closed 30 min before departure time"

...What? I read it twice.

"Boarding is closed 30 min before departure time"

NO WAY!!!!

How can that be~~~!(>_<)
What a Spain!!!
Boarding is closed 30 min before departure time!?
I will teke a bus, not a plane!!!

Oh,,, can I ride on a bus..!?
Yeah, if a metro run quickly and I can change a next metro, it shold be fine..!?

Come on~~! Come on my station~~!!(Cry)

I arrived at changing station.

I run on a escaleter to next platform!

The sounds like next train is coming..!!

I run down steps quickly!!

"GOOO~~~"(sound of closing a door and passed away)

NOOOOOO!!! WAIT~~~!!!!(Cry)

But next train will be come soon.

I see a board of time information.

Next train is coming in 6 min.


I was in same situation in Paris as well though, why I am always like this~~~, cry cry.

But the driver of bus might have not eaton a breakfast yet, so the bus will be stopping for him... haha..(In Paris, the bus was stopped for the driver's lunch, actually.)

Next train came in 4 min, somehow, I rode on it.

When I arrived the station and run faster as I can!!

Finally, I could get a bus terminal...!!

The bording time is already passed but can I ride..?

It was..

No problem.

Hey man! Don't write down such a scary word on a ticket~~!(>_<)
This is bus not plane.... certainly..

Whoa~~, what was a time I run and run faster.

Anyway, I'm fine to ride on a bus :D

The bus stopped several times and arrived at Lisbon in 9 hours, 5:30pm~.

Carlos(35:Portuguese) who saved me last minute from a group, came to station to pick me up by car kindly, then we went to his house.

It was not good weather today, we had a conversation a while, then I did Thai massage for him.

Carlos went out to his friend's birthday party, so just I'm looking for next couch host in house.
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