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07 Oct 2010

Good bye Morocco

Last night, Anass made a new song for me, Walid told me about technic of design, so we went to bed at 4am.

Walid woke up early and went to work, I woke up slowly, Anass was sleeping until afternoon.

When I used Internet in home,

Sister of Anass served lunch for me :D
Thank you very much***

Boiled poteto and egg, yummy~*

Walid came back to home to take me to station from work, we went to station by putit taxi, 10Dh(1Euro)

Gare de casa Voyageurs

Station to airport 40Dh(4Euro)

From Rabat to Casablanca was 35Dh, so it's more expensive just for 30min distance.

I said thank you and shake hand with Walid, he was really kind person.
I passed my small coins and SIM card as taxi fee for return.

It was just 1 night though, I met a lot of friendly local friend, I really enjoyed Casablanca~ :D
I didn't plan to come to Morocco as I didn't have any gude book and map and information though, it was good for me to come here!!! (^0^)

I rode on a train to airport.
Expensive fee but not new train...

I arrived at airport, I board a plane to Madrid, dep. 16:40.
Casablanca~Madrid 35.34Euro by easyJet.

The plane got delay take-off, so I arrived at Madrid airport at 9pm.
I went to Victor's house that I stayed last time in Madrid.

Victor made me beef steak***

I was looking for next couch host and updating blog though, I fainted away as sleepy.
I completely fainted away at 2:30am though, come to think of it, there is 2hrs time lag with Morocco, so it means I was awaking until 4:30pm..
It's no dought I fainted away..
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