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06 Oct 2010

To Casablanca

Chemao came to pick me up 10am and he gave me his artwork for me.


Maybe this picture must be 500Euro.

Then he took me to Rabat Agdul station and said good bye.

I enjoyed Rabat too~! It was good to meet Chemao~:D
Thank you Chemao!

Rabat~Casablanca 35Dh(3.50Euro)

I rode on a train at 11:05am, in 1hr I arrived at Casablanca~.

Gare de Casa Port

I waited Walid(24:Moroccan) who sent me a message by couch surfing for 1hr, then we met and he tald his house is a bit far from city so I can stay his friend's house.

Then he took me to Anass(23:Musician)'s house.

I joined his family's lunch together :D

I asked about "Mahmoud Megri" I met yesterday to everyone, everyone knew him, so he is really famous person.

But it seems Anass also famous person as band the name is Gnawa Click, so he is known by young people in Casablanca.

Wow, I've met famous persons.

He asked me about musician friend of mine, I introduced Experimental Crossbreed, my favorite song "Storma".

Walid went back his office once, I and Anass go to Medina(old city) to drink a coffee.

Walking through on old city.

We spent a time at cafe near port, then a lot of friend of him came to cafe too.
In cafe, just me was a woman.
But everyone are soooo nice person.

Walid came cafe after work and took me to Mosque with Mahadi.

I follow them~*

I took a picture of inside mosque, beautiful.

Outside of Mosque also very beautiful~***

We went back to cafe and we boutht a sandwitch as 8Dh(0.90Euro)

This is it.

Then Walid, Mahadi, Anass and the other guy show me around.


French church

There was an exbision inside church.

We took a rest at a park though, Anass sang a song many times with good voice, it was very cool.

We went back to home and Anass made a new song for me, I am really impressed XD

Be famous and come to Japan someday!
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