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05 Oct 2010

Famous people

Chemao came to studio to pick me up by car, we start sightseeing :D

Old city wall

Beautiful garden

Then there is a cafe,
from cafe we can see the sea.

This area is called Oudaiya,
buildings are painted by white and blue.

I followed Chemao at this narrow road, we got some house.

It was a famous person's house, Chemao's friend.
We went inside though, a little bit narrow.

I could find what inside of white and blue wall's like.

Famous person's wife, Camri let us inside, I said hello to famous person.

The famous person showed me his garden beside of sea.

This garden and the house, it was just a hole at first time, but the famous person made his house by himself for long years.

They served us coffee and cookie, so while I eat it, the famous person took something and writing a word at opposite side.

Um? he is writing my name..?

He gave me these.

Oh,,, this is his painting and portrait.

These are famous people. (maybe)
Actress Camri, artist Chemao, artist/musician Mahmoud Megri.

Do you know them??

Certainly, they are living inside a hole, so actually they are not normal people though.

Then we go out from the house though, Camri came with us.

Chemao take her to her work place by his car.

something for sightseeing.

something for sightseeing.

Camri was in hurry to go her work place, so just the car stopped at the sight for me and just I took a picture.

So I had no time to go inside of those.

Camri went work place on time, we head to "Sale" for lunch.

This is a pottery on the way to a restaurant.
But it was closed, so just I took a picture.

We arrived at a nice restaurant in Sale~ :D

He treated these for me~*
Too much for 2 person but yummy~***

I take it back rest of them by sandwitch.
Thank you Chemao!

Chemao took care of me very much as I stay in Rabat just today.
I heard there are not so much sight seeing in Rabat from my friend, so I took dessert tour for 3 days and go to Casablanca later though, I never expected Rabat is so much fun place...
..Actually I haven't seen sight seeing place as famous people...

He took me to Internet cafe and I uploaded for 1 week blog.

We went back to his studio and I did Thai massage for him, then he went back his home.

Time flys so fast in Morocco~.
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