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04 Oct 2010

To Rabat

I wake up at 7am and wrote blog.
Ismail wake up at 9am, then we 3 took breakfast together.

Then Ismail went to work, small Ismail checked my train time and fee for me, suddenly Ismail came back to home for forgot something in good timing, I asked him to take me to train station.
If I take bus, it will take 1 hr, but by his bike it took just 10min :D

Thank you for everything, Ismail~~~!!!

Marrakech station

New and clean and cool!

Marrakech to Rabat, 2nd, 120Dh(12Euro)

The train arrived at platform 20 min before deperture.

This is 2nd class.
Quite clean and comfortable than I expected!!

Then the train stopped at first station from Marrakech though,

Is this a station!?!?

There is nothing though...

Yes, here is Africa.

I thought so but also I found normal station after here.

I eat sandwitch and fruit though,

this is a cuctas(?) fruit, 1.50Dh(0.15Euro) from super market.

this is inside.
There are a lot of small seeds inside, the taste is like a fresh pumpkin.

Then in 4hours,

a train arrived at Rabat, capital of Morocco~.

In Marrakech, it was sunny and hot though, in Rabat, here is humid and cold...

Well, I don't use couch surfing in Rabat.

Instead of that, I decided to go to Chemao(58:Moroccan)'s house who I know him by skype.

When I stayed at Japan with no plan to go to Europe, he said "Come to Morocco", but I didn't think going his house though, he talked to me when I stayed in London and Madrid by skype, so just I came here to meet him by chance.

Chemao waited me at train station, we said hello each other.

I rode on his car, then he took me to cafe.

It seems someone want to meet me..?

Chemao treated panini and tea for me, wa~i*

Then a woman came to our table, she did French style greeting.

Wow, someone want to meet me, I already famous person :D
(Just she was interested in Japanese though.)

After the meeting, we head to Chemao's house by car.

I haven't had his address or anything, it seems far from city center..?

"This is my house"

Ok,,, what??

The car don't stop here.

"I take my friend to my studio. The studio is just 8km more"

We still go outside~!?
Just 8km...

"My house is seaside. Ah, this is king's palace"

I don't have a map or anything, so I have no idea though, here is a palace~.

Then we arrived at his studio.

I just knew Chemao is artist though, the house looks like an artist's house.

He opened a door and go in.

It's dark, so studio is Moroccan house.

He opened a second door and turned a light on.

Wow, there are a lot of paintings inside!

"This is bathroom"

When I looked it, it's very clean bathroom.

We go through painting room and opened next door and go more.

Working room and a garden.

He opened next door and go more.

There are more room!?

"This is also bathroom but you can't use hot water here, so use first one"

Wooow, there are 2 bathroom in studio~! Here is morocco~!?

Finally I got bed room.

I just put my baggage and go out again by car.
He show me around a little bit.

He took me seaside and showed me sunset.

We went back to studio again, Chemao introduce his works for me.

I used flash, so real paintings is much better.

He showed me his broucher of exibision and magazin he on.

Mountassir Chemao.

"If you serch Chemao on a Internet, my name is coming to top"

My name Sue in Japanese also is coming to top in Google though.

By the way, can I take tea..?

"You can make hot water by this macine. Ah, you can drink a water from tap. Here is near king's palace, so the water is good"

What!? I can drink a water from tap in Morocco!?!? Where is here!?

"Well, I go back to my home though, maybe tomorrow morning house keeping will come here, but don't be surprise"


He went back.



Should I call him Master Chemao...?

In Rabat, captal of Morocco, the place king come here for summer, he has a studio near the palace.

...well, actually I made my second house in around Europe I can stay at any time though! (by couch surfing)

I go to take a shower.

Walk walk walk.

It's far from bed room! To just bathroom, I walk a lot...!
Big house is sometimes inconvenient~.

Then I sleep in Master Chemao's house by myself, bigger than my home in Fukui.
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