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03 Oct 2010

Tip cheater

I felt cold in the morning, I wake up at 6am.

Well, I walk around dessert to look for Toilet place...

I can't find a good place as everyone everywhere...!

Where I can do pee~!(>_<)

I just draw on the sand to kill a time.

But still everyone everywhere, so I found a place behind of bush, and I did.


Then a breakfast time was coming,
bread, jam, yogurt and fresh mint tea~*

That's awesome we can eat such a breakfast on the dessert :D

The sunrise!!


The camel is soooo cute***

I went back to table to eat breakfast, a German man who collected tip yesterday and Mexcan man came to our table, then they asked us for giving then a tip!?!?

I sat down on same table with other Japanese girl though,
the German said "everyone paid tip, so you also pay tip".


Why this guys are collecting tip from everone!?!?

I wrote about tip at yesterday's blog though, tip is be given face to face by ourself.
Not collected from someone.

I felt very strange feeling from yesterday, I asked it to German who had no smile.

"For who?"

But the German don't answer.

"I don't have enough money though..."
a Japanese girl said.

"...How much?"
Japanese girl said again.
(Actually, she didn't have enough money as she couldn't withdraw cash from ATM in Marrakech.)

"20Dh a each"
the German said.

20Dh!?!?!? that's too much for tip for local people!!!!

I said with surprise.

"you can pay even 1000Dh"
the Mexican guy who were staiding by German said like that.


I ask again.
"For who?"

The German guy don't answer anything, just keep silence with no smile.

That's very strange...but suddenly the Mexican guy said like this.
"You are eating breakfast, so how about for breakfast. 20Dh is nothing. hahaha"

Why the Mexican guy can say such a thing!?!?

But the situation had a something stressful pressure, so I and other Japanese girl passed then 20Dh.

The German guy didn't say any thank with no smile, they walked away after got tip from us.

...my feeling is very bad.

Why?? why the guys is collecting tip from everyone??

If they want to give a tip, they should do it by themself, so I had no idea why they were collecting from everyone.

I was feeling such a bad feeling, then breakfast time was finished, we ride on a camel.

Riding on a camel.

on the dessert...

Why..., why the guys collected tip from everyone...?
20dh(2Euro) a each is too much for local people.
It means altogether 40Euro,,, the local people can live at least half a month by that.




I got brain storm.

To their pocket...!!

40Euro for local people, it means 400Euro for us.
For Moroccan people, that's too much money just for 1 night.

If they got such money, the local staff must be too happy and say thank for everyone.

But....we haven't seen the guys passed the tip for dessert people.

Even if they did it, half for them, half for their pocket...?

When I thought about the story, the strange feeling from yesterday were in 1 line.

#After the German guy collected tip from everyone, he sat down beside of me though, I found UN natural 40Dh on his side.

#The German guy said his name is Martin for me and a Singapolian guy though, he said his name is Peter in front of everyone.

#When we checked in a hotel last night, a Singapolian guy called the German guy using his name twice with loudly, but he didn't notice it.
Third time he called his name from biside of him, finally he noticed it.

#The German and Mexican guy were same room on a hotel.

#A tip is tip, no fix price, but they set high price and collected from everyone.

Riding riding.

At morning I felt cold and needed jacket though, it's getting warm after sunrise.

Beautiful dessert.

But I feel pain on my hip..(>_<)

The Camel team was 3 lines.

We rode on the dessert around 1 and a half hr, we arrived at a starting point~.
My hip is painful though...

This is the camel I rode.
Sooooo cute***

Here is a starting point.

We took our baggage from car and confirm it, then we ride on a car though,, other 2 Japanese girl go to Fes from here, so we say good bye to them.

There is a bus to Fes from near here though, it was not correct so they asked other driver from Fes to let them ride on a same car.

The car had a space for them fortunately, so they paid 150Dh a each.
Normally the bus is 120Dh a each from near town though, that's a good price for them as they can ride on a car from here directly.

Our car was started from dessert,
a car stopped at fossile souvenir shop.

This is a tour, so a car stopped every 2hours for toirett or break.

This is a view from front of souvenir shop.

Well, just I saw the German guy though, he bought 2 box of tabacco even it's expensive buying here.
It'd be cheper if he buy the tabacco in Marrakech city...the money come from...

I was not good feeling as I passed 20Dh to him.
But this kind of person, he will get double bad luck later definitely, so I don't close to him.

Well, a car stopped at restaurant at past noon though, it was of course expensive, so I eat sandwitch and fruit I bought in Marrakech.

By the way, what's this fruit??

When I found this fruit near Jardin Majorelle, the street shop seller said 20Dh(2Euro) for 1 fruit, of course I didn't buy it.
I bouht this one at supermarket in 1.80Dh(0.18Euro).
What a poor street shop seller..

I cut this fruit and saw it, there are a lot of pink seeds*
I have no idea what's this fruit but the taste is new, :D

In lunch time, the car driver was eating his lunch at separeted room, so when I said hi to him, he gave me his half lunch! thank you~~~***

A driver can eat lunch for free normally though I asked him why don't you take us tourist to local restaurant.
He answered, if he take foreign tourist to local cheap restaurant, they may be get sick, that's why he take us to expensive restaurant for tourist.

I see, that's make sence.

He can't speak English so much, basically he is quiete driver though, he is also Ismail's friend as well, he was very kind and good man.

The car was driving,

I took pictures while drove through cute buildings*

Between Marrakech and Sahara dessert, there are huge mountains, so we can see great scenery.

Photo from inside of a car*

Well then, we arrived at Marrakech around 8:30pm, after dark.

If I take taxi or bus, it'd be delay, so I asked the driver to take me to Ismail's house.
He said yes kindly :D

Then I arrived at Ismail's house, I said thank and tryed to pass a thank money though, he don't take it as we are friend.
But I said "We are friend, that's why please take it :D" with smile.

When I went back to Ismail's house, today was Sunday, he and his friends had a small party in his house.

Just I put my baggage on his house, I go to Hammam(Bath) near his house quickly.

I slipped into bath at 8:40pm, then closed at 9pm.
Whoa~, I could!

I really wanted taking bath as I couldn't yesterday on the dessert!

I went back to house and joined into their party, they gave me few bottles of Moroccan beer and some light meal, I showed then my photo of dessert tour and talked about my story, we enjoyed our time together :D

After the party, I did short Thai massage to Ismail, then my couch surfing experience in Marrakech was finished~*

Yeah, that was really good experienced for me in Marrakech :D
I enjoyed as much as I can***
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