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02 Oct 2010

Sahara Dessert

I ate breakfast at hotel from 7:30am.
Bread, honey, jam, batter, tea, milk and orange juice.

We rode on a car 8:30am, then in 2 hours, the car stopped at somewhere.

The Berber guide waited us.

We had no idea but followe him on a farm.

We went into a berber village,

the guide took us a carpet shop.

Then we had to listen to a story about carpet around 30min.
It's because of tour...

Then a guide took us to next souvenir shop.

I asked about a towel for head, before he say the price, he rolled a towel on my head(lol).

The price was 50Dh(5Euro), a little bit expensive.
I and Inagaki went to new city and found a shop who had price tag, it was 20Dh(2Euro).And also other person bought similar towel at old market as 70Dh(7Euro).
Yeah, local price is 20Dh.
So if you wanna buy the towel, this is just for reference.

We rode on a car,

took a picture*

Then a car stopped at restaurant, then we just ordered first, then
we walked around valley.

then we went back to restaurant, we take lunch though, I just ordered coke(10Dh), I ate sandwitch I brought by myself.

But the Berber guide, he just stayed 1 hr with us, even though he didn't introduced himself, he offered tip for us.

I didn't like him, so I don't wanna give any tip though, a serious German man walked around to get tip from everybody.
I really didn't wanna do that, but he said everybody paid 10Dh for the guide,,,, so I just passed him 5Dh.

But you know, tip is tip, someone give a tip who satisfied his work.
So it's strange he offered tip from everybody.
The guide let the German boy gather the money, it's also strange.

Eventually, the guide got 140Dh(14Euro) from 14 people of us.
It's about 100Euro for Morrocan people just for 1 hr.

It's tooooo much for tip!!

I don't know why everybody did it such a thing...

Also the guide will get some margin from restaurant and carpet shop.

So I don't recommend you don't give him any tip if you take this tour...

Well, we had to kill us time like this, then we rode on a car again, finally we head to the dessert!!

We bought a water before dessert, 6Dh(0.60Euro).

Arrived at the dessert~~!!

We took some stuff what we need tonight, rest of baggage, put inside the car.

We walked on a sand.

Camel here~~!!!

Waaaai!!! This is awesome!!

We had a camel for a person, and walked on the dessert from 5pm.

Really fun!!!

But it was getting dark,,,

we rode off from a camel and walked on the dessert by our foot around 20min.
It's really hard..

Then we arrived at a camp at 8pm~.
Got tired...

This is dinner.
Nice :)

We could choose where we sleep, so I choose outside on a sand under the star :D

Matress and 2 of branket on a dessert.

At night, the dessert people(staff) played and sanged a song in the dark.

I was writing a blog on the dessert, I slept on sandy bed with seeing sparkling stars :D
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