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01 Oct 2010

Dessert tour

I woke up at 6:30am, and Ismal's friend dropped me to Jaama el Funa by car at 7am.

I rode on a tour cabin with the other 12 people.

The baggages are on the car ceiling.

I found other 2 Japanese girls on the same tour, I asked about the fee of tour, they said thay paid 800Dh(80Euro) by discount.
Woow!!! that's a good price!!

I try discount everytime though, this time I wanted apply this tour at Ismail's office, so I didn't think about any discount, so I paid 950Dh for this tour.
Thus, if you want to apply this 3 days dessert tour from Marrakech, try to discount!

Talking about the dessert tour, just taking a nice picture at nice sight today, so we are almost on a car and sometimes a car stopped for taking picture.





Well, the car stopped at a restaurant at noon.
In this tour, a breakfast and dinner are included, but not lunch.

I went inside and checked the menu though, it was of course more than double price, so I don't take a table everyone took, I just sit down near gate and ate rice puff I brought.
The driver saw me, and kindly he gave me his half of lunch for me :D

Salada, bread, kebabu and fruit salada*
I guess the driver can eat his food for free everytime, so he kindly gave a half, and I was be full.
I think Moroccan people are very kind, shuklan~****

We rode on a car to next point taking a picture.

The car stopped behind of a castle, when I rode off from a car, I noticed some paper gabage near my foot.

Um...? ah, this is gabage.

But I saw it twice,,, to my surprise, it's 100Dh~!!!

Waaaaai!!! I got 100Dh(10Euro) :D
No one noticed it as looks like paper gabage.

But come to think of it, I got lunch for free, moreover I got 100Dh, eventually my tour fee turned to be 800Dh.
Wow, my pray is always come true :D




Well then it was already getting dark, the car arrived at hotel around 7pm finally~.

Then hotel staff give us a room key though, I was single in a tour, so they don't give me a room key for single, they wanted let me in share room with others.
But Inagaki who already joined this tour gave me an advice, try to get single room, they should be have it.

But the staff just say "No room for single, we are full, so you have to share room with someone".

They said "you and the other girls are same Japanese, so we give a room for 3"

Buuuut, it's not a nice reason just for nationality!
And also other girls who came from other country, they got 1 room for 2.
So other 2 Japanese girls also didn't agree with that, one of them came from England who are working there few years already, she never agree with that, so that was not fair for us.

But finally the stuff gave us room key a each.
They said "We are full" but they still had some rooms.

I knew that!!

Thank you Inagaki, your advice was worked!!

Then I got a room just for me :D

We all eat dinner together at restaurant on hotel.

Kind of vagetable soup, good*

Fried Chikin and boiled vegetable on Kusukusu, yummy*

Fruit salada*

We were on a car almost whole day, so tired~.
I go to bed soon :D
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