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30 Sep 2010


This is the breakfast that Ismail served for me.
Bread, cheese, yogrt and fresh mint tea.
Thank you Ismail :D

Ismail went out for work, then I was writing a blog, my mobile was ringing.

Oh! this is from Inagaki!

He asked me hung around together today too, so I take it :D

Today I take bus for center, 3.5Dh.

Inside of a bus.

We met and we to the center, I drank a orange juice first*

After that, I wanted to buy a Moroccan Sim card as my Italy's credit was finished..

I got this Sim by 20Dh.

I eat icecream for break* 12Dh for double.

Well then we go to sight seeing!
Just I follw Inagaki.

Palais Bahia, we couldn't go yesterday.

Then we rode on a bus to garden Ismail recommended.

Jardin Majorelle
Fee 30Dh

The fee was expensive but inside was nice*

Then we head to a new city to visit Ismail's office.

We took a late lunch at local restaurant.

Alltogether 103Dh for 2 person.

Nice lunch :)

Then we arrived at Ismail's travel agency office, I introducet Inagaki for Ismail, I applied the dessert tour for 3days.

3days 2nights tour, 950Dh(95Euro)

I had no idea about dessert tour but Inagaki already went to dessert and recommended it highly, so I decided to go there!

For good thing, Ismail is working at travel agency, and I go there from Ismail's house, so everyhing is good for me :D

Ismail took us the hotel we can drink a beer, it was also good sight view, so we drank a beer together*

Moreover the beer price is cheaper than yesterday's.
Yesterday was 25Dh, today's one 18Dh.

Yeah, local friend!

We drank with nice conversation around 1 hr, then Ismail went back to his office for work, I and Inagaki go to super market to check a local price.

Then we go back to old city from new city though, new city is clean and new, price also cheper, so that was nice to walk around!

Is here really Africa?? I never imagine that!

It was getting dark, I said thank and good bye, I rode on a bus to home.

Then I went to the hammam, I washed my body*

Yeah~, Marrakech is fun too :D
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