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28 Sep 2010

To Marrakech

Victor go to work at 9am, so I woke up for saying thank and good bye.

"Thank you for everything! I hope we meet again!"

"Sleep well"

Victor went out home.

After that, I woke up and took a shower.
Then when I went to kitchen...

He prepared the breakfast for me~~~!!! (impressed!)

What a nice courtesy...!!

I eat breakfast slowly with checking flight states.
And also writing a blog and talked with skype friend who stay Rabat, it was already 2pm.

The check-in time is 2:30, so I have to leave now~!!

But maybe it's fine, so I rode on a 3 metro and arrived at the airport at 2:50pm.
Check-in counter will be closed at 3:50pm. so it should be OK.

I headed to check-in counter.
But it was a bit far than I expected.

Then I arrived at easyJet's counter,,,

Too many people!! Too many people!!!

Wooo!!! Can I check-in!?!?

But the line moved smoothy and I could in 20min.


Then checking baggage and deperture control I went through, I arrived at the bording gate at 3:30pm.

I tried to find a Internet connection but I couldn't.
Just I was writing a today's blog until now.

Then I boarded at 4pm.
Madrid to Marrakech 35.74Euro

Someone didn't show up, so the flight was got delay a little bit though, the plane arived at Marrakech at correct time, 16:30.

I went through passport control.

Marrakech airport

I withdrowed local money, 1000Dh(About 100Euro).

Ismail(28:Morocco) who accepted me as couch surfer was busy, so he couldn't come to airport to pick me up.

So I waited 1 hour, his cousin Houssin came to airport by bike, he took me to Ismail's house.

When I went into the house, other Ismail(same name, small Ismail) was there and
he served it for me. thank you!

Then Ismail came back to home from work,
he gave me the map, yatta-!
I can go anywhere by this :D

Well, the room is nice though,,, a toilet has problem...

Of course there is no paper, but also the tap was broken,, no water flush and supply..?

I try to think here is India...

Then I asked about shower though, the shower also was broken 4 months ago, so he prepare me hot water in bakket and use it in toilet.

Oh, Wooow!!!

Sounds hard...!

Maybe I can stand 3days without shower,,, hahaha.....

But there is hammam(bath) near his house, I can go there...

Incidentally, Ismail has hoseted other 2 couch surfer so far, they came from South America and France who stay Morocco long time, man.

I'm a third, first woman.

Yeah,,, certainlly, this situation is hard for woman (normal man)...

The room is nice, so just the toilet and shower though...!

After that, Ismail took me walking around his neighbor, when we went back to house, Ismail's brother prepared a dinner, we 4 eat the Morocco dinner together*

Tajin (I don't know correct spell)

Onion, chicken, potato, lime, chill and spice, steamed.


Everybody good man, good face, I can check e-mail at his house.
Just a bathroom.

After dinner, already 11pm, it's a 1am in Europe, so I went to my room and sleep.
I tried to write blog though, I fainted away as sleepy.
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