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27 Sep 2010


I couldn't sleep well on the long distant bus, the bus arrived at Madrid 8am after 18hours.

I go to Victor(35:Spanish)'s house who accepted me as couch surfer.

Victor welcomed me playing didgeridoo(Australian's instrument) as he is also sound engineer :)

He prepared a tea and cookie, then he took me out for show around his city*

Center of the city, Puerta del Sol, very good weather :D

Symbol of Madrid, tree with bear.

Center of Spain.

Oh! I wanna stand on here!

I standed on the center of Spain!

"Oh! please don't stand on my country!", Victor said.

Oops, sorry..(^^;

"But on the France is OK"


He took me many fashion store, especially Spanish one, it was very interesting to see! :D

This is lunch, Farafel and French fly 7.2Euro.

A bit expensive though, it was very yummy***

Victor is interested in Japanese culture, so we talked about Japanism like Miyazaki Anime movie, about Shinto and Zen.

Victor had to go to work from afternoon, so I hung around by myself from now!

I go to Plaza Mayor to get a map first!

Then I started walking though, famous monestry was closed because of time, so I headed to next monestry.

Convento de la Encarnacion

But also here was closed, just I took the picture.

I took a rest on Jardines de Sabatini, beautiful park.

I headed to Palacio Real, King's Palace, though, it was also closed as national ceremony or something.

Just I could take a picture of Plaza de la Armas from outside of the wall.

Catedral de Ntra. Sra. de la Almudena


Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande


Why~?? because of national ceremony? siesta?

umm, no idea.

I head to museum.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

Adult 6Euro
Student free
From 7pm, free for everyone

I saw Picasso and Dali's complicated art a lot.

Then I go back to home by metoro.

Victor served me the Jamon Serrano, Spanish ham for light meal, yummy~*

....Victor told about the big strike of Spain on 29th, day after tomorrow.
Almost of all transport will be not work.


The 29th is my flight date for Morocco!!

But in that case, the passenger can change the date for free, so Victor let me stay his house longer, he said.

Whoa~, that's fine~.

...? But wait a minute, come to think of that, I changed the flight time because when I checked my states on easyjet website, there was a notice and I changed just a time...though...

Anyway, let's check it again.

I connected to Internet and went to easyjet site to confirm my states,,,

To my surprise!!! my flight date turn to tomorrow, 28th!?!?!?!?

No kidding!!!!

I planed staying Madrid for 2nights, but there is strike so I planed stay here for 3nights I thought just now though!!!!

Leave Madrid tomorrow is toooooo short!!!!
I haven't visited even Prado museum yet!!!(>_<)

As strike, I could change my flight for free but I changed my states before I know as I misunderstood the flight was changed just for time, so I changed my states 1day earlier without notice by myself...

What a idiot...

So I try to manage somehow that I can change the flight...

how about 30th deperture..?

65Euro + changing fee 15Euro + Card fee 5Euro = 85Euro

I bought this ticket for 35Euro, how I can buy again for 85Euro~~!?!? (Cry)

I can't do it...I have to go tomorrow.

Anyway, I come back to Madrid.

Otherhand, I have to manage about couch host!!

I try to check couch surfing, but I promised making Oyakodon, Japanese dish, for dinner, so Victor asked me "I'm hungry though...".

"Sorry, just a moment..."

I said that for Victor, he replyed,

"Ok, I play didgeridoo during waiting~"

he started playing didgeridoo...(lol)

Oh, no, I can't consentrate as didgeridoo like a curse sound.

Hey! I can manage somehow later!! Let's make dinner first!

Then I made Oyakodon.

Normally I made Okonomiyaki for couch host house though, Victor didn't have flower, inseted of that he had a soy sourse and rice, so I made Oyakodon :D

Not so perfect but Yummy~~**

Victor liked it and took a note about recipe.
I'm glad to introduce Japanese dish for foreign friend :D

Well, after dinner, Victor gave me a time to find next couch host kidly, I do Internet!!

Yeah, I have to manage about couch host in Marrakech.

I was accepted from 3 couch host but it's from 29th not from 28th.

I'm in trouble.. I have no gudebook and map of Morrocco, I need help of couch host this time..! (>_<)

I'm very scary without guudebook and map~~!

At that time, already 11:30pm...

Woooooow!!! Who still awake!?!? Who are connectiong Internet in Morrocco!?!?

Hey, calm down calm down. It must be time delay between here and Morocco.

I checked it quickly.

There is 2 hours delay, Morocco is 8:30pm now.

Yes! I can still manage!!

Well, who should I choose..?

Anyone is ok if I can get a reply...

This is the person I could get accept already.

* Woman 62yo, she hosted Japanese girl, feeling nice. but the login place is casablanca..
* Man student, he is staying house with family. good impression from message, he is interested in Japanese culture.
*Man travel agensy, he is staying with flat mate, a bit far from old city. has few reference.

I wanna choose Woman's place if I could...but she is in Casablanca,, it seems impossible.

But I send message...but maybe can't get answer.

Next, I sent SMS to student.

It didn't work...

Last, I sent SMS to 3rd man.

He replyed me!!
Tomorrow Ok, beside he may come to airport to pick me up!


Whoa~~~~, I always last minute but I could manage somehow so far.
Thank you everone..!!!

Sorry for Victor... I couldn't give you Thai massage...
I wanted to stay with you more...

I had no time to write this blog, I felt asleep like fainted away at 2:30am.
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