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25 Sep 2010


Well, I go to Versailles today!

It was just 3.05Euro from Paris city to Versailles in 40min.
Good price :D

I could go inside Versailles in 1 hr as the line was so long to buy a ticket.
The entering fee was 15Euro!!! Expensive!!!


The audio guide macine is including a ticket.

Starting from here.

When I entered upstairs, I found something strange...

What's this...?
Tongari-kun by Takashi Murakami??

I didn't know anything though, there is his exhibision in Versailles.
But it seems not cool...

I don't like that...
I wanna see the normal Versailles...

Anyway, his object standed in every room, but I didn't like that.
I prefer other Japanese manga-artist who drawed the story about Versailles.

I walked around inside, with try not see his object.

Gorgeous sleepng room!

I coulcn't satisfy just once to see, so I went inside Versailles again.

After that, I wanted to go the park though, the entrance fee is 8Euro!?!?
Too expensive..!!

But there is no time to come here again, so let's go inside...
But luckly, I could go inside for free from 5:30! :D

Huuuuuge garden.
But I feel chilly as not good weather.

I bought red wine and opener for Hideki.

When I went back home, Hideki already prepared the dinner,
the dinner was started from pampukin soup,

then this is main dish.
with yummy French bread, red wine and cheese*

I like French style dinner! I wasreally impressed!
Very cool, beautiful.

Thank you very much Hideki!!! :D
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