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23 Sep 2010


When I joined the Mont St-Michel yesterday, the guide said "There is strike tomorrow in Paris, almost of all transport doesn't work well, and it may be closed in Museum or Palace".

Today's weather is not so great, I haven't made plan next, I also haven't wrriten blog before 2 days, so I decided staying in home today.

...come to think of it, how I could write blog every day??
I hunged around a lot every day, I walk 10~15km every day, I could find couch host every time, I surched a transport to next place, I also write Japanese blog at the same time, even I didn't sleep sometimes..!?

I can't believe it by myself though, I could manage somehow so far.

Well, the truth, I write just a short blog when I was so tired though.

I wish I will be able to manage somehow in the future too..!!

Like this, I wrote blog for 2 days in Japanese and English, I made a plan to next place, I surched a transport, sent some couch request and could get next couch already fortunately :D

...I did it by whole days today, so how did I do every time in such a limited time..?

Wow, it's a mystery*

But this is a fist time I didn't go out anywhere.

When I checked e-mail, I got a message from Hideki went to work.

"I can't go back home tonight as strike. I call you tomorrow"

Oh,,, Hideki...
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