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21 Sep 2010

Walk on Paris

I woke up at 6am for prepare to leave.
Olivier said he leave at 7:30 but he didn't wake up untill 7:15, so I woke up him.
He was sleeping, so just I said thank you and left his house before him.

Then I rode on metro to go to Hideki(41:Japanese)'s house who save me as next host.

I left my baggage on his house, he gave me breakfast kindly with conversation, then I went out for sightseeing.
...Actually, I slept just 3hrs last night, so very sleepy though,,,it's very sunny day today, I can't stay inside...!!

At first I went to Japanese tour office to apply a tour for tomorrow :)

Then I I head to Place de la Concorde, center of the city.

Opera house

(...to tell you the truth, I stopped writing blog until here because I fainted away as sleepy deadly, so I continewed to write this blog in 2 days after.)

Place de la Concorde

Here is a center, there is Obelisk from Egypt.

Fountain in the place.
Whoa, beautiful!!

From here, I walk through on "Av. des Champs-Elysees" to "Arc de Triomphe".

Tree-lined Avenue in Champs-Elysees.
I could take a picture in interesting composition :D

Thre are free public toilet beside of Avenue, so I used it.

Near Arc de Triomphe, there are a lot of shop and people.

Arc de Triomphe, I arrived here!!
I have seen same looks gate in other countries but this is the real one! :D

Well then, I go to see Tower Eiffel.

I take the street "Avenue Kleber" from Arc de Triomphe.

I bought French bread by 3Euro, I was walking the avenue looking for Tower Eiffel...suddenly in front of my sight was opened,,,


I'm impressed the Tower Eiffel came to my eyes suddenly!!!


Suddenly awesome!!!!

But I thought the color of Tower Eiffel was red, but it's black~.
The red one was Tokyo tower...

Beautiful fountain between Tower Eiffel and Palais de Chaillot*

I sat down on a bench in park,

I eat French bread seeing Tower Effel in Paris of France :D

Yeah~, I'm in France~*

...well, I still sleepy because of just 3hrs sleeping last night, so I took a rest 30min. on a park.

I wanted to sleep longer though, I go to sight seeing, yeah sight seeing.

To going to museum, I walked through under the Tower Eiffele though,,,

There are a lot of black people were standing on a side street and doing some gamble on a table, on every 1m.

What are they doing??

I stopped to see it.

They moved 3 black cards, just 1 white cards inside, so when a answering man got a white cards, they got a double amount of money.
And to be surprised, answering people is betting 50Euro.

Just I standed and saw it from back side though, from my position, I could see which card was white.

I wondered why the answering people can't get white card from their side.

So just I saw it a while, suddenly the black man turned his face to me and said, "which one!? Which one!? Find it!!" loudly.

Of course I didn't bet, but I could see from behind of him, so I pointed "this one", so I found a white card, of course.

Then black man moved the cards and asked me again, "which one!? Which one!? Find it!!" loudly, and also I found the white card.

He acted to pass the money to me but of course he don't give it.

Then suddenly he said "Show me money!! Show me money!!" very loudly.

I might still sleepy or just a jerk, I thought it's maybe no problem just show a money, so when I showed 50Euro, he suddenly took my money from my hand.


But he asked me "which one!? Which one!? Find it!!" suddenly loudly, just I had no idea how to behave and just I pointed "this one",,, it was black card.

So he took my 50Euro.


He don't see me and moved the card again, when I try to say something, one of the answring people, she was also black people though, said "you have to bet money on the card!", so I had no idea and maybe lost my mind, I put 20Euro again on the card.

Of course it was black card.

I can't understand.,,,they take 70Euro from me..!!!!

But the black man gave me back the 20Euro.

Then he started moving the card again.
And also the answering people, definitely they are group though, started betting again as if nothing happened.

Heeeey!!!! Wait a minute!!! Give me back my 50Euro!!!!

"You said just show me money! I don't bet!! Give me back my money!!!"

My head turned white but said so to black man, he gave 50Euro back to me, maybe he thought if he didn't give money back I make some trouble.

Then I walked away the place.

I never step inside to such a situation normally,,,what am I doing!!!
I walk with regret and upset mind...

Walking through the Tower Eiffel, ignore any sight, no idea anything.

He gave 50Euro back though, what if it's fake money...!?

I wanna use this 50Euro quickly!!!

I arrived at Orsay museum with full of thinking of that.

Musee d'Orsay

Please this is the real money, please...!!

When I passed the 50Euro at a ticket counter, they accepted it~!!
What a relief~.(Cry)

Whoa~, I felt really scary~~~~...
But it was fine I didn't lose my money~~~...

I can tell you my ashamed story in here~~~.
So please pay attention anything during your trip as well...

Then I went inside the Orsay museum at 4:20pm though, the staff said "This museum is untill 5:45".

So I saw a paintings a bit quickly though, there was some announce and suddenly everyone had to go outside...why!?!? what's happened!? still 1hr before close!!!

A black staff man just tried to move everyone from the museum, so I asked him "why? what's happend?" but he just said loudly "get out! get out!!".
...of course I'm NOT a racist but feeling was bad...

Everyone had no idea why we had to go out from museum, so I asked it in information counter, he answered "someone dropped his bag on a museum, so in case of security".

We didn't know when we can go inside again...is today finished already!?!? I have not seen it everything...just a half...

We waited with no idea, but in 15min we could go inside again.
It seemed the bag was just a bag someone forgot.

I expected the open hours will be longer though, it was closed at normal time...
Here is France...

I walked around very quickly and saw almost everything somehow, then Orsay museum was finished..

Outside was still fine, I continue sightseeing.

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris

...I go back to home as I tired.

I went back to home and went to super market with Hideki did his work on his room,

Hideki made a dinner for me~ :D

Thank you very much!!!

We ate the dinner with red wine and had good conversation though, I was getting so sleepy from many accident...so I felt asleep while we were talking...I'm sorry...

I have to wake up early in tomorrow morning too, I had no time to write blog, so I went to bed without writing.
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