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19 Sep 2010

Hung around in London

Today is the last day I stay in London.
So I walk thorough new way.

London eye

Tate Modern

There are a lot of Modern museum but very difficult to understand.

If I had it in my home,,, maybe I will be in trouble..
what is art!?

After museum, I could get the clotted cream!!

I also bought scoon and tea, I made afternoon tea by myself*
In British museum, that was 18.50pound, but These supermarket food was just 5pound :D

This is the clotted cream.

London brodge is just normal bridge,

Cool Tower Bridge.

St. Paul's Cathedral

Well, I went the British libraly though, it's untill 5pm on Sunday, it was already 5 past 5pm, just I said to stuff, please let me use just for toilet!! then I could go inside just 1 min.
But I couldn't use toilet as already was closed the key.

I wanted to see inside~.

I hunged around a china town.

Then I went back to home, and went to pub to eat beef stake.

Prime Lancashire Rid-Eye of Beef 11.95pound.
And Dutch beer 3.45pound.

The beef was gooood~*

But it was too much for me, I couldn't eat everything...

Then I went back to home and checked e-mail though, still don't have any host next~!
Many times it's happened, because I always make last minute couch request as I don't make plan so much.
Just I decided to go to Paris last midnight.
I also bought a ticket to Morocco from Madrid.

So I posted the emergency message on group, but if I couldn't find any host, I always thinking about staying some hostel.
But I could get a couch in 2hr after posted.

Ah, Awesome couch surfing..!
And also I'm aweson too...
Now alrady 4am, I should go to bed soon...sooo sleepy...
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