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17 Sep 2010

The British Museum

I took a rest in morning, I went out with Victor going to work.

I heard from home to Oxford st. in 25 min. by foot, so I walk.




Not so close than I expected..
It took me 40min.

When I reached at Oxford st. I head to The British Museum.

There are double decker, a lot of people in Oxford St.
I guessed there are white people but various people, so it's like a New York. (Even though I have never been to NY.)
They are fashionable also.

Then I walked about 30min, fainally I arrived at the museum~~!

The British Museum

Well, I got a map, so where should I head to first?

I found Japanese man and woman wearing kimono, I asked them what they are doing.
They said there are Japanese tea ceremony with free matcha tea and sweets, I join it!

I took yummy tea and sweets, but there are slide show inside, so I went there too though, I had to wait more 30min.
The show was 1hr by the tea master who came from Kyoto.
Eventually, it took 1 and half hr. altogether.

It was already 3:30pm, even I didn't see anything.

Well, I hung around museum~!!

Rosetta ston

Ramses second

2 heads snake object

cat and fish mummy!?

Here is very big, I hung aruound with map and checked it though, some rooms already was closed, so I couldn't see a Japanese room~!

It took me 2 and half hrs, but just I could see half.
I try tomorrow too!

I bought a handmade sandwitch for dinner, 3pound, then I went to spermarket to buy something.

I decided to go back home by foot as well thouogh, it was far too, it seems 5~6km to Victor's house from center.

Actually, I am walking around 10~15km everyday though, the distance is too far here.
My feet was tired by walking~.
I use public transport from tomorrow.

This is today's dinner*

I felt asleep without writing blog.
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