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14 Sep 2010

To Brussel

I woke up at 9am, then Ako prepared me the breakfast :D

Then I go out but it was rain today.
Kindly Ako took me to bus terminal by car.
I stayed there just a night though, thank you Ako!

I arrived at Bus terminal 10min before dep., very last minutes!
I checked-in at counter and went toilet, then I rode on a bus.

Freom Amsterdam to Brussel, 17Euro by bus.

The bus deperted 5min before on time.
If I arrived there earlier, it seemed the bus deperted earlier.

....buuuuut,,, there was no toile inside, I was dieing to go to toiret!!!!

I standed loooong time, I tried to sleep to forget about toiret...
In 2hrs, bus stopped at gas station, I could to toiret finally.

After that the bus was stopped at Antwerpen for some reason, actually some parts was folled down..got delay 30min.

The bus arrived at Brussel at 3:15pm finally.

Bus arrived at north station, then I took a city bus to go to Ruben(29:Spanish) 's house who accepted me as couch surfer.

He was in office, so I waited him in front of the door, he could come there at 5pm.
I went inside his house and putted my baggage, then he went back to his office, I go to sightseeing!

The weather was not so nice, but I followed the map and walk.

What's this?

In 30min walking, I arrived at the center.

Walking, walking.

Many people are standing there.

Manneken Pis! :D

Real statue is very small!
So cute :D

I eat Belgium waffle 2.50Euro

Big Manneken pis.
I prefer small one.
Big one is not cute.

Walking again.

Then suddenly I came into a wide place...

What a beautiful square I came!!
Grand palace!!

Real square is more beautiful, photo is not enough..!
Here is the best I have ever gone some square.


I walked thorough in front of the man with nice beard.

Well, Ruben came back to home after work though, he asked me about war, why Japan don't say sorry for China and Korea, and why don't pay any money.
That's not good question.
And also Nankin.
In Europe and America, just picked up about Nankin, so they think just Japan is the worst country in the world??

I don't think so...

I surched it in Internet, for example Japan paid money to China 600 billion yen (5 billion Euro) at least until 2007. (From Wikipedia)


But this wikipedia is just exsisting in Japanese, when I checked in English one, it isn't explain anything.

And also you can know about the correct data from Website of Ministry of Forign Affairs of Japan.


About said sorry.
Japanese goverment aleready 16times said sorry for Asisn countries, China, Korea, Netherlands and England in public at least until 2007.
Especially, past president Murayama expressed sorry for Asian countries in public.

By the way, America never said sorry to Japan, but we don't hate America.
Because American comarcial was worked very much..

Just Japanese article is exist, you can use any translater in internet, better than nothing.

About Nankin.
Here is description in Japanese, it's a different from English one.
It's better to use translator, it will be terrible translate but bette than nothing.


Few information is not enought about anything, so it's much better checking many information also from Japanese side, book or internet using translater.

I think real story is always hided by other countries pressure, especially about war.
I also don't know real war story because I didn't join the war.
There are also evidence but not everything.
Some evidence might be made by someone for some reason, or be hided.
We can't know everything what was real, what was made, hided.

It was already past ages, many countries also were concluded by Europe and America.
To know about real story, we have to go back to the ages using time macine.
But it's impossible.

We are alive now, just now, it's important.
To Make a wonderful world, we should see a future what we can do, right?

Anyway, I love Japan, my country very much :)

Thanks for accepting me for your couch.
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