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13 Sep 2010


I slept at 5am last night but I woke up at 10:30am this morning.

Harpert went out as his business, I also went out from afternoon.

walk walk walk.

I went to Eurolins first to buy a bus ticket to Brussel.
18Euro(17Euro for under 26)

It was 38 Euro by train from Amsterdam to Brussel, so bus is much cheaper than train.

Well then, I hung around~ :D

I found a sign of canal cruise for 10Euro.
Oh, maybe it's a good price!!
Harpert also recomended the canal cruise, so I take it!

I bought the ticket at a travel agency and went to piar of boat, there were few boat company, and the cheapest one was 8Euro.

Noooo~~,,, there is cheaper than mine~~(>_<)

But my one was 13Euro if I bought the ticket directly from the conpany, so it's Ok.
It's depends on the boat company.

Well, I ride on this boat and go to canal cruise~!

went through under this bridge,

went through under this bridge,

it was fun to see various buildings*

Yeah, I recommend the canal cruise!
Thank you Harpert!

I hung around again after 1hr cruise, I found,,,

Sex museum!?!?

What a Dutch!

It seems interesting, so I go inside, 4Euro.

I can put the pictures just like these, rest of them I can't put it here...!!

It was interesting but...porno!
What a Dutch!

Well I go back to home and said thank you to Harpert, then I went out at 6pm.

Ako(29:Iran) came here to pick me up.
...Actually, he was the person he declined me as his grand mother's sickness.
So that's why Harpert saved me in very last minutes.
But Ako's granma is Ok now, and Ako really wanted to host me, so I decided to move his house for 1 night.

He prepared the beer for me*

Ako also prepare a dinner for us.
While he is cooking, a girl who is other couch surfer here came back to home.

This is the dinner Ako made for us!
Very yummy~***

But she did internet by her computer by herself even the dinner haven't finished yet, and didn't talk with us so much.
It was a little bit pity...

After dinner, I did Thai massage for Ako, Ako who learned massage in Amsterdam also did his style massage for me :)

Couch surfing is not just a free accomodation.
Good way for making a new friend and exchange something each other.
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