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11 Sep 2010

Like a TV game

A SMS came to my mobile phone, I wake up by it.

"I will be 2 hours delayed.
So please meet me at 14 o'clock at the same place. Sorry.
Please confirm sms. Thanks, Rovert."


Even from Berlin to Amsterdam is not so close, so it will be delayed 2 hours more...!?
Yeah, I decided to go to Amsterdam by car lifting.
If I take bus, the cost is 58Euro(52 for student), in train is more expensive.
Martin found the car lifting, the cost was 32Euro and dep. time was noon.

Umm...what should I do...I don't wanna arrive at Amsterdam after dark....
Also I haven't get any host yet...
Do I go Humburg next..?? Anny I met in Thailand said she can host me day after tomorrow...ummm...

I talked about this story to Martin.

"He changed meeting time...2 hours delayed"
"2 hours? Oh, you don't need to be hurry"
"No, I don't wanna go Amsterdam so late, so could you call him to ask be go there earlier?"
"No, it's impossible. when I called him and talked about your(my) baggage size, he got angry. so you have to follow his time, there is no option"

You know, my baggage, back pack is not so big though...

"Ok,,,I understand..."

I sent reply to the driver.

"When will we arrive at Amsterdam?"
"When do you need? about 6-7hrs"
"I wanna arrive there before dark, but maybe 14pm should be fine..."

Yeah, I agreed it.
I have not so much time of this trip any more, so I have no option.

Well, let me check e-mail.
There is no wi-fi signal in Martin's house, and the PC is in his bed room, so I can't use PC freely. (And he was sick at that time.)
Thus I couldn't send proper couch request, I couldn't get good answer from 7 request that I sent day before yesterday.

When I talked about the story to Martin,
You should send request at least 20"
he said.


That's too many...!

At first time I sent a request just 1 by 1.
Next I send 5 or 6, when I was in very last minutes I send around 10 requeat though, 20 requeat is too many I think...
But I do because very urgent now.(This is the story about last night.)

Martin also waiting I finish use his PC, so I have to read their profile and make requeat faster!

Then I made a requeat around 20, also posted last minuts message on a board.

"Japanese girl looking for couch for tomorrow night for 3 nights"

I posted these request 11pm last night for tonight couch, so if I couldn't get any answer I planed to go to hostel.
Yeah, I have no plan every time, so I make a request in very last minutes always.(but I could get good couchs so far.)

Go back to this morning's story, I checked e-mail at 7am today.

Well, how many people replyed me between 8hrs at midnight..?
How it's work...?

Chedked my mails.
Oh, I got 8 messages.

I read the messages.
2 cancel,
3 accept,
3 messages from the board!

Wow, awesome Amsterdam!!

I read the requested one first.
Just fist night I can stay.
Just Monday I can stay.(today is Saturday)
All nights OK but he may go to Rotterdam for his business.(he is Actor.)

Ummm, it's a bit difficult...maybe actor is fine though...

Next I checked the mesages from board.

I can host you!
You came to my place.
How about Den Haag.

Ummmm, I checked their profiles, and I decided to take the person from the board.

Well when I decided one person, I have to send cancel messages for rest of them.

"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"
"I could find a host already, thank you very much :)"

Yeah, well then, I finished my work~.
I take rest untill I leave here.


Tyuiiiiiin~. (the sound of my mobile got a SMS)

Oh, this SMS came from my tonight's host in Amsterdam.

"I sent a message to CS though, I can't host today, very sorry. My grandmo got sick."

Ohhhhh, that's urgent.

I have to ask someone who I already canceled to ask host again...!
Ah, yeah, I ask to the actor..!

I leave Martin'a house at 1pm, I have no time so much.
I used his pc at 12:30pm, I got many messages from the people I already canceled~~~!!!(They read my request&cancel message at the same time when they wake up.)

I could host you!
You can stay my house!
Too late!? it was one of the most interesting couhch request I have seen so far!
Let's meet just drink a coffee!

Hawaaaaa....thank you thank you, but I have no time!!! (>_<)
Why I couldn't send requests to them yesterday~~~!!

Anyway I send a message to Actor.

Please host me please host me!!

Now I am really urgent,,,!!
I canceled my request already but could I stay your coucn for from tonight??
My host has a trouble just now, so he declined me...so I have nowhere to stay...
If you still you are Ok, I really really happy and appreciate you...!!
And to be honest, I wanted to meet you, so just I tried to send you a coffe request thoug.

I will arrive Amsterdam around 8 or 9pm from Berlin by car lifting, I leave 1pm.
I send you SMS now.
See you soon!


Please, pleeeeeeese....!!
I have no time to check other people's profile~~!!

"Come to my house!"

I thought he will accept me~~!!!!

"But there is a nortice... I go to somewhere tonight, so just I leave my key at next restaurant. You can use my house by yourself"

Wow..!! It's also good for me!!
He trust me already before we meet!!
Yes, actually the couch surfing is builted by a trusted community.

Whoa~~~, I could manage somehow~~~.

I said thank you to Martin, then I left his house at past 1pm, very quickly.

I arrived at meeting point 5 min. before the time.
Oh, it's very last minute...

Then the driver, Robert(35:German) came to the meeting point at 2 o'clock.

I said hello and rode on his car, I thought there are other people to ride together but just me, instead of that there were a lot of stuff inside his car, so just a space for me.

Well, it's ok if I can go to Amsterdam before dark.

Then I rode on the car but he took side-way to buy a souvenir for his friend in Amsterdam, then we could get high way past 2:30pm.

And also why he got delayed 2hrs because his computer had some problem, so he didn't sleep enough, so that's why he took a break 30min on the way.
And also..he wanted to go to some exhibision on the way, but he couldn't find the place, so we got delayed more..

Like that, he drive about 120~140km/h on high way...


It seems impossible to get Amsterdam before dark...
Then we arrived at Amsterdam past 9pm~~~!! though..., he got lost and he had no idea about Amsterdam road.

He didn't have a map, just he had a very simple handwriting map by himself,,, he even took my Japanese guidebook to ask the way to taxi driver...he also dropped my note from my guide book...hey...

So he just drove around in getting lost, he was not good at direction, so I decided to let me dropped off at near center, then I walk to Acter's house.

"I can take you to your place...it's near from my place...!!"

Robert said so but if it got delayed more, I guess the restaurant will be closed and I can't get the key of Acter's house...!!

It's much better to go there just by myself..!!

10pm, at that time already...

Just I asked how I go the place from there in local people.

"What? you go there by walk? with such a big backpack!?
I think you'd be better to take a taxi though..."

"Thank you!! :D"

Just I said thank you and I start to walk.
He said walking to there is hard, so instead of walking, I run!!

Yeah, I have to be hurry!! before the restaurant close...!!

I run run, run Sue run! with my backpack, like a Melos! (even though I ware flip flap.)

...well, which way!?

Ah, let's ask the people who are taking dinner at that restaurant!

"Excuse me? I wanna go this big street but..."

"Ah-hah? you are in here...so..." (young girl)
"Oh I know this street, I was in there" (old man)
"No no, it's not the street~" (old woman)

...they are talking something.

"Well, you'd be better to ask local people, we are not local"


I found another person and asked the big street but he didn't know that.
"that's the story, where is a Van Gogh museum?"

I run and run.

I ask.

"The street is over the bridge and turn to left"
"Thank you!!"

I run and run.

Yatta! I got big street!

I feel very hot, very sweaty.
But I can't stop as I will be get trouble if the restaurant be closed!

The address, the address..!!

Yes, here it is!!

Well,,, the restaurant's name is African name...

There was a cafe, not restaurant.

But.... the name was in African language,,, I can't read it~~~~!!!

Is the restaurant here!?!?

Yes, it should be here.

I went inside.

I smiled sweaty to the casher.


Old man staff saw me.

"Oh, yes I know you! I know you!! I know you very well!"

"I'm Sue"

"Yes I know!"

The old man took the key from under clock and passed it to me.

Wow, it's like a TV game, dragon quest.

"Thank you!!"

Then I went to Acter's house just beside of the cafe.

I opened the apartment door. yes I could go inside.

Then I climb up the stairs.

...He said there is a apple sticker on the door.

apple sticker, apple sticker...oh I found!

Turn the key to opposite way...

I can't open the door~~~(>_<)

I try again, again, again...

Oh no~~~, I already in front of the door though!!

I tried sometimes and then I turned the door handle, finally it was opened~~!!!


Ah, it's like a dragon quest.(Japanese famous TV game.)

Then I went inside, there was noone but moody light there, and I found the new slipper and towel and soap and message on the bed.

"Hi Sue,
welcome to my apartment!
You can use my house everything you want.
This place is very convenient place to go anywhere.
See you tomorrow!"

Is here hotel~~~!?

Yeah, actually he is acter, very cool...!!

I took off my sweaty clothes and took shower, then went to bed.

Whoa~~~, I enjoyed today too :D
I'm enjoying every day***
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