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08 Sep 2010


I woke up at 9:30am, I go to Karlstejn that Dace gave me a suggestion to go.

round ticked to Karlstejn 88Kc(3.2Euro)

In 40min. I arrived at Karlstejn.

From station, just followed a sign, I walk through on a bride.

Nice view from a bridge.
Weather is not nice though..

I walked through the street between many shops,


I walk up this small road, then I got the castle~.

buuut, the entrance fee was 250kc(10Euro) for Adult, 150Kc(6Euro) for student, just for guided tour, so I didn't take it.

Just I visited to 80m deep water tap hole behind of the castle, free enter.

I wanted to eat something Czch local food, I found the sign.

Soup, pork steak, chips, dessert and beer for 109Kc(4.40Euro) !?!?!?
Very reasonable!!!
I take this~~~ :D

Wooow, alltogether for 4.40Euro, that's awesome*
Then I went back to station with full stomach.

Karlstejn is smaller town than Cesky Krumlov, just I stayed there 2hr.

In 40min train ride, I went back to Prague.

Then I go to Mucha museum where I wanted to go.

Entrance fee
Adult 160Kc(6Euro)
Student 90Kc(3.50Euro)

The fee is expensive but inside is small, just it took 30min. to see around.
Maybe souvenir shop is better.

Well, there is also Mucha exivision at city holl for 150th anniversaly until 30th Sep., so I go there too.

Entrance fee
Adult 150Kc(5.50Euro)
Student 80Kc(3Euro)

Here is cheaper than museum but better.
So if you want to see Mucha works until 30th Sep. I reccomend to go to City holl.

This is inside of City holl, very gorgeous.

I eat icecream 38Kc(1.40Euro)

I also bought long sleeve shirt and sleeping bag, then go back to Dace's house.
Actually, I didn't need a sleeping bag for couch surfing so far though, if I had it, maybe it'd be better.

Buuuuut, when I checked e-mail in couch surfing, noone accept me in Berlin!!!
Oh, it's urgent!! I have to find hostel!?!?
Just I made couch request again to new people, a man accepted me in 5 min!!

Last minutes request was worked :D
Thank you next host!
I can go to Berlin tomorrow*
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