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07 Sep 2010

Cesky Krumlov

I woke up earlier, then I went to bus terminal.

I rode on a bus from Florenc st. dep. 8:15 to Cesky Krumlov 180Kc(About 7Euro)

At Prague, it was a good weather but getting worse close to Cesky Krumlov...
Then the bus arrived at Cesky Krumlov around 11am.

Very clowdy and soooooo cold!!!
The temperature is 10 degree...., it was good for me I bought winter jacket yesterday...!

it was nice town because of world haritage.
but the weather....

Cooooold, I'm like this.

But I always wear flip flap though.

I bought this bread 40Kc(About 1.5Euro)
Outside is crispy, inside is soft, yummy*

Then I went back to Prague by bus at 3pm 180Kc(7Euro).
(I was soooo sleepy, I lost my mind many times while writing this blog...I can't write any more...)

Dace made a pasta for me, yummy~ :D
Thank you Dace!!

I did Thai massage for her, then I go to bed~!!
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