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05 Sep 2010

Train to Prague

I woke up at 8am and ate breakfast, then Bor took me to a station by car.
Thank you Bor!! :D

Today I head to Praha(Prague), Czech Republic by train.

Well if I take normal train ticket from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Prague, it'd be 90Euro, soooooo expensive!!

But Bor found a special ticket for me in Internet, it was 40Euro, very good deal!
Sometimes there are special ticket(seats) like this, so it'd be better when I buy a ticket to somewhere, asking special ticket first before buy normal ticket.

This is a schedule.

Ljubljana 9:27 dep.
Salzburg 13:48 arr.

Salzburg 14:02 dep.
Linz 15:07 arr.

Linz 15:35 dep.
Praha 20:40 arr.

2 times changes a train, takes 1day.

EC212/112 Ljbljana dep. 9:27, I ride first.

Nice view.

I ate lunch, fried bread with ketchap and mayonnaise.

I arrived at Salzburg on time, then change to next train.

OEC163 Salzburg 14:02 dep., I ride.

Actually, this train deperted at 10min. delay, so I worried about a bit.
Can I take next train in Linz...?

Well, when the train got delay 10min. first time, but at last got delay 22min.


Can't they adjust the train time running faster??
Moreover it got delay more... why..???
(In Japan, every trains are on time at any time. it's convenient but very strict.)

I could get next train in Linz dep. 15:53, IC100.
I'm reliefed.

This is inside.

Then I arrived at 20:40 in Prague.
It was long travel. (not so?)

Dace(28:Latvian) who accepted me as couch surfer came to station to pick me up, we went to her house.

She made me a dinner, thank you!!
Bread with butter and herb with tomato and cheese, very very yummy :D

We had a conversation a lot, the time is already midnight.
Today's blog is short so I can go to bed earlier, yeah!
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