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01 Sep 2010


Mario who hosted me here in Zagreb is chill-out person, we wake up at 11am and took breakfast, we went to cafe to coffee at near his house.

Nice coffee :D

I sat down with Mario's 5~6 friens from college.

After cafe he took me the cemetary as his grandfather passed away 40days ago.

Mario really loved grandfather, he made cross in front of grave with tears, I also felt sad...

In Japan, a soul go to heaven in 49days though, here is in 40days, the day was today.
Come to think of that, a soul stay this world about 1.5 months.

After the grave, he took me other cemetary though,

is this cemetary!? looks good!

the grave tour was started by Mario.

This cemetary is really big with green, feeling like walking in green park.

This grave is famous family, this is mayer, this is..., like this he explain about graves with history background, so it's interesting.

This is cool Mario, looks similar with Micahel of Roswell TV drama.

We went back to home, I made Okonomiyaki for lunch.

Okonomiyaki is always yummy*

For dessert, we ate cake that I bought it yesterday in Vincek :D
The shape was broken though, very yummy***

After lunch we chilled-out, then we went to supermarket to buy a wine and juice, then we went to Mario's friend's house for party.

About 20 Croatian students came there and drunk.
At first time they talk with just Croatian language, so I couldn't understand at all but after deep drunk they try to talk in English.

Come to think of that, everybody brought alchole and juice though, there was no snacks.
In Japan, we always have some snacks with drink, so it was different.

They planted to go disco after drunk, but they didn't.
So we went back home at 4:30am.
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