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31 Aug 2010


The bus departed 9pm from Dobrovnik last night, the seat was full and cold, so I couldn't sleep at all...

I arrived at Zagreb, Croatia at 7am~.

Well,,,, COLD!!!!
It's same country Dobrovnik and Zagreb but temperature is much defferent!?
I wore all my clothes.

Mario(22:Croatian) who accepted me as couch surfer, came to bus terminal by car to pick me up, then he took me to his house.

He woke up for me 7am, what a kind man! :D
When I came into his house, he gave me a room and I could sleep few hours, thanks!!

After 3 hours sleeping,
he prepared me a breakfast :D
Simple but nice*
Thank you Mario!

After breakfast/lunch, I went out to city centery by myself.

Zagreb is captal but there are big green parks, beautiful and clean city!

I arrived at Jelacica place, center of city by foot,

I got a map in Tourist information center :D

I bought a icecream in famous cake&ice shop Vincek 12Kn(About 1.8Euro) :D

walking eating ice cream,

Kula Lotrscak

Naive art museum
Student 10Kn(1.5Euro)
Adult 20Kn(3Euro)

St.Mark Church, very cute with Mozaic roof*

Zagreb museum

Student 10Kn(1.5Euro)
Adult 20Kn(3Euro)

Big and there are many kinds of stuff to see, so I saw around slowly, it was already 5pm.
Ooops,,, it'd be better I go to other sights.

Stone gate

It was a time to set it off.

The Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Already the time to sing a song.

I also wanted to see the market near the church though, it was already finished.

I used a time for museum, so I thought hunging around a city a bit more though, Mario who was studying at home sent a cute messege "when you come back? I'm already hungry~", so I went back home by tram.

Mario took me a local restaurant by car, we ate Cevapcici, kind of Bosnian food*
Ordered with coke, alltogether about 50Kn(7Euro).
The bread is very soft and streach, inside sausage is also yummy*
I added like a cream cheese to it though, very full!!

We went to supermarket after dinner and went back home.
Mario showed me a lot of beautiful pictures of Croatia and Bosnia with drinking beer :D

Come to think of that, European people has a good knowledge of history, and they likes their country very much.
We Japanese, it's a shame though, we don't have a knowledge of history very much because some other countris are still controling our education as we lost in war, and Japanese people has very weak mind now a days...
Many people don't like our country so much and it's very rare we can see our country flag in Japan, it's very strange though...

So please don't brame us if we couldn't talk about history, especially younger ages, we didn't get a good history education so much.

I did Thai massage to Mario, today was finished~.
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