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30 Aug 2010

Srd Mountain

I hunged around the old town in Dobrovnik yesterday already, I climb a Srd mountain today!

I went out from hostel and I headed to the bottom of the mountain.
I found a walk way to the top, let's climb~!

But it's very rock mountain road, it's a bit hard by flip flap??

Let's take the picture of this road!

I pushed the button of my camera though...


dosen't work...


I tried get a battery off or SD card many time though, it doesn't work~~~!!(>_<)


I could use the camera yeasterday normaly....

I thought going back to hostel once but I already walked up a mountain, so just I continue clibming thinking about insurance.

Oh no~~~, what a great view!!
It's very pity I can't take this picture~~~(>_<)

By the way, it's very nice weather today and no shade, so it means very hot.
Sometimes cool wind came from the sea, I felt good.

Like that, I climbed up with flip flap, I arrived at top in 1 hour!!


Actually, there is a cable car to top though, the cost is 72Kn(10Euro) in round ticket, so I desided to climb up by myself.

But it was hard though~.

It was a fantastic view from 412m high Srd Mountain, it was sooooo pity why my camera doesn't work.

To buy a new camera, please give me a donation...(>_<)

There is just one restaurant on top, when I checked the price, it's cheaper than the old town!!

I wanted to eat some seafood from Adria sea, I ordered mussles with tomato garlic source.

That was very very yummy~~~***

There were more than 30 mussles, makes me rich*
the price was 55Kn(about 8Euro)

I also ordered orange juice 26kn(3.5Euro) though, it was also very yummy!

I could found a good restaurant after long days, so I ordered another orange juice again and ate fruit cake 25Kn(3.5Euro), everyfood was yummy~~~?***

It was cheper than old town, so this restaurant on top mounatin is very good!!
It was soooo pity I couldn't take the pictures(>_<)

Total 132Kn(About 19Euro), ah, I spend money~.

I saw fantastic view, then I went back to hostel thinking about insurance.

But it's very strange that the camera doesn't work at all.
Maybe low battery?? but I charged it just few days ago though...

I charged the battery again, what! it's work----!!!!

I couldn't take the picture from mountain though, I can take picture more! Yeah!!

If you thought about donation for me, I say thank you :D

I took some rest in hostel, I asked about joining barbecue at this hostel for 7Euro though, the dinner start from 8:30pm, so I can't join because I plan to leave Dobrobnik 9pm by bus.

It was already 5:30pm though, I charged the battery already, so I try to climb the Srd mountain again to eat dinner!!

I don't have so much time but maybe I can go..!!

Well, when I climbed at noon, it took me 1 hour though, if I climb 2 times faster, I guess I can get top in 30min!

At noon, it was very hot so I can't walk faster but in evening was Ok.

Climb climb...

Wow, it's sunset time, the old town looks good!

Come to think of that, I always looks like a going shopping to close super market though,

I am climbing very hard rock road by flip flap(lol)

looks good by sunset!

2 times faster, 2 times faster...
So I climbed up the rock road quickly, I got to top in 30min!

back side of Srd mountain, what a fantastic view~~~!!!

Ooops, I have no time!

I wanna take the picture but I have to eat dinner first!!
I started to climb 6pm and I arrived top 6:30pm.

I went to restaurant again and I ordered pasta with mussles.

U~mm, Mussles pasta! 49Kn(About 7Euro)

Very very yummy~~***

It was good idea to come this restaurant again~~:D

After dinner, I took some pictures.

Already getting dark, it was more beautiful at noon...

Well, I have to climb down quickly!!

7:15pm... if I walk 3 times faster, It'd be fine!?

So I climbed down like a ninja on rock road by flip flap.

I am climbing down on this road, yeah, I'm ninja!

It's getting dark but
town looks very beautiful~~***

I took the picture very quickly, I climbed down.
It's a mountain road so it's denger after sun set.

I climbed down in 20min as I climed down 3 times faster, yatta-!!

Then I go back to hostel just walking to dry me that got sweat.

Already dark~.

Then I arrived at hostel 7:50, I took shower very quicklyl, I said good-bye to friend who I met in hostel, then I carry my backpack and head to bus terminal.

I went out hostel 8:10pm, to bus terminal take me 30min.

A little bit dengerous if I walk to bus terminal, so when I arrived main road, thumb up with shainy smile!

A car stop for me quickly.

My hitch-hiking is 100% success :D

Kindly old man took me to bus terminal, I could get bus terminal 30min before leave~!

I could ride on the bus dep. 9pm Dobrovnik to Zagreb.

I enjoyed Dobrovnik as well :D.

I never expect I climb up mountain 2 times...but the restaurant was very yummy, so if you climb up the Srd mountain, I recommend to go there!
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