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29 Aug 2010

To Dobrovnik

I woke up at 7am and took shower, then I checked out hostel at 8am.
Then I walked to bus terminal.

I rode on the bus to Dobrovnik, Croatia, the bus deperted at 8:30am from Kotor.

I sat down on front seat seeing the view though,

what a nice view :D

The bus arrived at the border of Montenegro, then go to Croatia though, there were a lot of car there, much traffic jam, so the bus stucked.
It seemed taking 2hr if the bus on line.
But the bus driver suddenly drove the opposite car line and drove strait to boader control!?

So we could arrived border quickly than other cars, we could go enter Croatia quickly.Good job, driver!(lol)

Then the bus arrived at Dobrovnik, Croatia in 3hr, 11am.

I expected the staff of accomodation was there to pick me up though, nobody there, so when I send a SMS to the staff, finally he came to bus terminal for me.
(Actually I send e-mail twice and called 3 times, and send SMS onece, but no answer...)

Villa Banana
Dorm 18Euro
Free Wifi

I booked this hostel because had a good rate and review though, the place was top of the hill, so I was surprised.
Besides, the staff don't speak English so much, there was no key in a bathroom, I couldn't get hot shower just cold, no trash box in a kitchen,,,, I wonder why this hostel had a good rate...

Anyway, I got a map from this hostel and headed to old town.

I walked down the narrow steps following a map,

I arrived at old town in 20min!

This is a "Pile gate" on east side.

Velika Onofrijeva fontana and Franjevacki samostan

I found the funny fountain :D

Placa street

Ice cream 10Kn(about 1.50Euro)

Luza place

I ate sandwitch 20Kn and fanta lemon 12Kn = 32Kn(about 4.5Euro)


Sv.Ignacija i Collegium Ragusinum

Anyway, the sea is amazing beautiful~~~!!!!
Amaaaaazin, Fantaaaaaastic the Adria sea...***

Like this I hunged around the old city, I went back to hostel once and changed to basin suits, then I headed to old town again to swim*

A little bit cold already at 5:30pm though...

But I swam in Europe first time, yeeeeeah~~~~*

I swam around 30min, it makes me cold, I wore cloth and went back to hostel.
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