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25 Aug 2010

To Skopje

From yesterday blog, I didn't sleep at all, I preared my baggage and arrived at Thessaloniki train station at 5:30am safely.

Still dark~.

Thessaloniki dep. 5:57am to Veograde.
I have to take care the station, if I sleep I go to Veograde.

This is inside.

There was passport control in 1 hr after riding.

Then I arrived at Skopje, Macedonia in 3hr, 9am.

Skopje train station.

To be surprised, there were no tourist information here and they had no map of here.

Anyway, just I had a Japanese guidebook, just I headed to center first.


nice bridge.

I headed to Tomi(26:Macedonian)'s house who accepted me as couch surfer, but I didn't know certain place, so I went into book store and they showed me a map for free :D

I met a lot of kind person in Skopje, here is good place I feel.

I withdrowed the money of Macedonia, 2500DEN(about 40Euro).

I bought these for lunch in super market, bread 22DEN(30cent) yogurt38DEN(50cent)

Well I go to sightseeing.

Castle wall
There are no shade, soooo hot...!!!
The temperature is around 40 degree.
My head is burning!!(>_<)

I walked up slowly, carefuly

this is a view of Skopje city~, hooooot!!

Mustafa Pashe Mosque

Underconstruction, I can't go inside.

Old Bazar

Nice street to hung around, looks like inside old movie :)

Icecream 10DEN(about 10cent)

Cheap but very small!

Mother Theresa's gallery.

She was born at here, Skopje.
Entrance fee is free, inside is very cool with A/C :D

This is inside.

I already tired from hot temperature, I went back to Tomi's house.

Tomi went back to home from work, we drunk wine together and had conversation :D

By the way, Tomi's house is coolest house I have ever couch surfed!!

Snowboard light.

Wow, there is clibming wall inside home!

Huge bed with a lot of moody lump he made by himself.

I love couch surfing very much, I can meet very interestiong people I have ever met!!! :D:D:D

I did Thai massage for birthday present for him, we slept with relax musics.
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